Reading at a tender age is fundamental for the development of a child’s intellect

Students of Groupe Scolaire Camp Kanombe talked to Teen times’ Martin Bishop about what they think about promoting a reading culture in their school.  
Peace Namara
Peace Namara

Reading is important because it is better to be more informed. We have a better understanding of others and ourselves. Just like other policies, with great effort, we can create a strong reading culture. Peace Namara

The Government should invest more in education, which includes better pay for our teachers in order to do their job effectively. Kids should make use of school libraries and take time to read on their own.
Betty Mukankusi

The Government should encourage local authors, because foreigners write most of the books we read and this doesn’t inspire us much.
Innocent Kambanda

We need to be more aware of the benefits of reading and make sure that we have the literacy skills required in this modern society.
Ejide Ufitinema

As students, we have a big role to play because even if the Government gives us books, it will not force us to open them! We must understand that reading is for our own benefit.
Diane Ndagiro

It’s not easy for us to read when we have never seen our parents or other adults reading a book. It’s not an excuse but adults should also show us that reading is important to everyone. That way, we are all working towards a more literate Rwanda.
Jaques Rukundo

Reading sharpens the mind and makes one reason sensibly and independently. What we learn at school is not enough, we need  more information and the only place we can get this is from reading books.
Hillory Uwasine

Having libraries is not enough. We should be taught how to use them, because like the internet, if you are not guided well, you can misuse it and end up not benefiting from it at all.
Bernard Karangwa

I have learnt many things through reading books. I hope all parents encourage their children to read on their own from time to time.
Gloria Niyonkuru

Reading clubs should be established in every school and the best readers rewarded. This will encourage more students to read.
Fiacre Ngeneye


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