Don’t you just hate baby mama drama?

I believe I speak for all women when I say that baby mama drama is something seriously intolerable.
Alinda Lillian Munanura
Alinda Lillian Munanura

I believe I speak for all women when I say that baby mama drama is something seriously intolerable.

I was treated to free drama on Thursday - the only problem with this drama is that I was the victim.

Now, I hope I don’t come off as a “drama attracting magnet” but truth be told, I can’t help but question myself, do I have a sign on my fore head that reads drama lover?

It was campus night and when I went to the ladies room, a group of thug looking women entered after me. One of the ladies clad in really cheap slutty clothing looked at me from head to toe (and not in a good way). I will skip the description of her dreadful make up but trust me when I tell you that I was scared shitless. She looked so big and fierce – like The Undertaker!

I know sometimes I give people that mess-with-me-and-your-dead look just for the fun of it but this was not it. I had a gut feeling it was going to be a very long night.

These ‘animal- like’ women did not even wait in line to use the bathroom. They scrutinised me and walked out mumbling in some incomprehensible language. I imagined the word were not nice.

They did a good job following the first rule of a club fight- identify the enemy. The problem is they identified the wrong person.

Making my way back to my seat, I was confronted by ‘The Undertaker’s clone’. I had already used the loo but felt a sudden urge to use it again. Before I could excuse myself, a barrage of insults came my way and at this point, people were starting to stare.

If you think her manly body was the only thing scary about her you are dead wrong – the woman had a voice so deep, it sounded like she was roaring! I felt my intestines in knots.

I’m sure you have been in situations where you wish the ground could literally open up and swallow you. I would have done anything to disappear into thin air. Nobody likes a man snatcher, and now I was mistaken for one!

Apparently I was keeping her baby daddy away from his daughter. Shame!

I wonder - are women willing to stoop so low as to fight for a man who left with another woman? Are we willing to fight for a man’s attention under the pretext of our children? Are we honestly going to risk picking on a stranger and end up in jail because she looks like the other woman? (Believe me I made sure she spent her night behind bars for false identity.)

We need to style up. You want to fight for your man, be my guest, just make sure you have the right person!


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