Laughter: It’s good for you

According to the dictionary, laughter is ”the sounds and movements that our bodies make when we find something funny”.

According to the dictionary, laughter is ”the sounds and movements that our bodies make when we find something funny”.

Some people laugh loudly and throw themselves around.

Some people laugh quietly and may even cover their mouths with their hands.

We may laugh in different ways but one thing is the same - when one person laughs, others hear and want to know what is happening so they can join in.

Laughter is a happy sound - it is something we can all share and understand, whatever language we speak or place we come from.

Laughter is a really important part of our lives.

There are lots of ways of describing laughter. Here are some of them.

•    We laugh, chortle, chuckle, snigger, giggle, gurgle and snort.

•    We collapse, explode, hoot, are overcome, double up and are helpless with laughter.

Four things happen when we laugh.

We make sounds.

How much sound we make can depend on two things: how funny is it, and where you are.

Have you noticed that about yourself? If you are home or with friends, you can really let yourself go - the louder one person laughs, the louder everyone else gets too.

Somewhere else, where you don’t feel as comfortable, you may not laugh so loudly or even try not to laugh in case someone else is offended - like in the classroom, in church or somewhere where you don’t want anyone to notice you or feel offended by your laughter.

Our breathing changes and we get a bit breathless.

The more you laugh, the harder it is to breathe normally. People gasp for breath when they are having a really good laugh. This is because the epiglottis half closes the larynx when we laugh, so the air can’t get in or out of the body as well as it usually can.

Our bodies move.

Laughing seems to make our bodies move, whether we want them to or not!

Our heads may go back, legs lift, arms wave and bodies shake. Everyone around can tell when someone is having a good laugh.

Well, on average, human beings laugh about 17 times a day - that means we really like laughing! So what makes us laugh?

We laugh:

-    At the end of a funny story or joke,

-    when we see something unusual or ridiculous, to release tension, like when

-    something has been really scary and now it’s over, to get out of trouble - sometimes

-    people smile or make a funny remark if they feel threatened, to join in with others

-    who are laughing, when someone does something really stupid, at ourselves when we

-    make a mistake and many other things.

Laughter helps with stress and leads to our bodies working better and feeling relaxed. Researchers have found that laughter can also help our immune system work better, and this means that we can fight diseases better.

This information will help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy.


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