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“What you should always avoid” As the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher”, that is quite true.  Many times, I or may I say that, we have observations that make real sense.

“What you should always avoid”

As the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher”, that is quite true.  Many times, I or may I say that, we have observations that make real sense.  As drivers, we build our knowledge on experience.  That could be through our own or the experience of others.  This is quite true with most aspects of life.  What you experience today, builds your behavior tomorrow onwards.  If you must drive, for God sake, first spend a few minutes to think before you set off.  What should you think about?  Well. So many things, the nature of the road you will be driving on, the traffic at that time of day or month or year, weather, etc.  In other words, plan your journey very well.  Planning includes things like examining the condition of your vehicle, the weather, the distance you plan to cover, how much fuel you will need, plan B, in case you get a break down on the way, e.t.c. Don’t simply attack the road!

That said and done, set off with your mind at rest, prepared to tackle each and every issues that may arise. The first rule (according to me), always try to avoid driving too close to another vehicle.  It is normally said that, all the other drivers are careless and they do not know how to drive as well as you do, so avoid them if you are to remain safe.  This means, always avoid driving in convoys as the mistakes of others could cost you too!  If you cannot drive alone, then keep distance between your vehicle and the one ahead.  This will help you avoid making a stupid move because the drive ahead has mad on or even avoid an accident.

More than often, be very careful when driving behind a new vehicle (a newly registered vehicle), the probability is very high that, the driver of that vehicle is as “new” to driving as his vehicle and is likely not to have any driving experience as well.  Such a driver will easily lose control at the slightest moment of confusion.  There is a perception that, new vehicle are prone to accidents because the same perception is based on mindsets and traditional beliefs that, new vehicles have bad luck.  Actually, they are more than often driven by amateur drivers!

I know this observation may not auger well with some motorists but it carries a lot of water.  People who drive big cars like Mercedes Benz are normally careless or inexperienced at driving.  There is a common understanding that, most of the people who drive very affluent vehicles are not good drivers because such people spend more of their time in meetings and offices.  They spend less time mastering the art of driving.  When they eventually decide to drive, they drive but their minds are far away will hence have little or no concentration on the road.  Some of them drive while on the phone or are fatigued and are prone to causing accidents.  Finally, they drive anyhow because they know that, their vehicles are too posh for other road users not to notice and avoid.  They also carry comphensive insurance policies and hence no worries at all.


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