Women: Understanding men in matters of love

Did you know that men and women think differently in everything, even in relationships?

Did you know that men and women think differently in everything, even in relationships?

Picture this; Annabel a young executive meets Joel a handsome successful young man, who is on top of his game. Two weeks later, after a couple of dates and sharing a few drinks; Joel takes Annabel to his bachelor pad, and the inevitable happens.

Three days later, Annabel tries calling Joel but he is not picking her calls, neither does he return them. Annabel is bitter because she thinks that Joel has used and dumped her. But in this case who is to blame here? If you ask me, it’s the girl.

Who says that for a woman to bag a man, she must therefore make it straight to his bed? There is no way you can meet a man and two days later he takes you to bed and think, he is going to think twice about you once he has eaten the cookie. The only way to deal with the man you want is to keep the cookie in the cookie jar until you are sure he is ready to take your relationship to another level.

For those who read, Steve Harvey is a must read. Steve Harvey – the famous author of “Think like a lady and act like a man” says that a woman should take ninety days to get to know a guy before you jump into a full-blown relationship. Before you sleep with him ask about his short-term goals which will give you an idea what he is working on at the moment, and his long-term goals which will give you an idea where he is headed.

In short, this will reveal what his plans are for you. If you are included, make yourself comfortable- if not - take the next flight back home.

What women do not understand is that every man is going to commit to somebody sooner or later. But there is a difference between the women men marry and the ones they will keep forever as girlfriends. A woman who wants to get married has to have standards and requirements. That does not mean she should not compromise, but it also means that she shouldn’t just settle for anything because she wants a ring on her finger.

Harvey continues by saying, “A woman has to make sure that she is worth committing to; that her price tag reflects her value. A woman has every right to know where her life is going. She should not date a man and let him string her along about when he is going to marry her. She should say, ‘For this relationship to continue, this is what I need to be happy.’ If a man really loves her, he will do what is necessary to keep her happy.

On the other hand, women are discouraged to look for a man to make her happy; instead she should be looking for a man who compliments her, who adds the finishing touches to who she already is. Maybe the man is better with money or he is a better goal setter, but a man is incapable of making a woman happy. If you are not organised, do not expect a man to put you in order. If you are not a happy person, do not expect a man to make you happy, it must start with you.

Lasting relationships require more than love. People change over time and if you are not a good communicator or you are not willing to compromise, it will not last.

A woman’s love is all encompassing. Women are communicators, nurturers, problem solvers, healers. A man shows he loves a woman in three ways. They profess, protect, and provide. A man who loves you will give you a title. This is my fiancée, my lady, my wife. He will always brag about his plans for you. He will protect you. If anyone tries to harm you, they will have to go through him first. Also, a man who loves you will bring home the money and provide for you. That is how a man shows his love.

No matter how times change, love never goes out of style. It is wanted and needed by every living soul. It is just that we have allowed technology and things like phone texting to get in the way. Nothing replaces love. It is a necessary commodity. Everyone wants to feel it, sense it. Once you fall in love for real, you look for it over and over again. If you are smart, when you find it, you will hold on to it like there is no tomorrow.

Women; whether you are searching for that special someone, you are engaged, or you have been married for two decades, it is good to be reminded that men think and act differentlyin matters of love.


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