Sway in linen clothes

IT is not your daily wear that you see in the streets everyday – but nonetheless-it is one fabric that never goes out of style. I am talking about linen fabric.

IT is not your daily wear that you see in the streets everyday – but nonetheless-it is one fabric that never goes out of style. I am talking about linen fabric.

Linen fabric is a timeless stylish wardrobe staple that has never gone out of style since it entered in the market. For people who know what fashion is all about, they never miss at least one outfit that is made of linen fabric, in their collection.

This versatile fabric is good for almost anything made out of it. From business suit to the little black dress to casual weekend wear, linen is at home in virtually any design. You can dress it up or dress it down – whichever way you choose to wear your linen it always makes the wearer stand out in a crowd.

During the just ended Lakme Fashion Week in India, linen fabric stood out in the entire collection. Famous designers like Payal Khandwala, Khushboo and Prem all featured different designs made out of linen.

I watched with awe on the fashion channel how these designers managed to make beautiful designs blended with other materials, to come up with ingenious designs. This season, Lakme fashion said it all for us – as people were given a feel of true linen fabric.

These designers cleverly blended linen fabric with other materials and the result was a look of affluence and class combined.

In the recent past, linen fabric was found in three colours; white, black and beige. But with the technology, designers have gone yonder in experimenting with colours- you can now get lime green linen pants. This is good news for people who know what linen fabric is worth.

Sheath dresses made out of linen fabric are a must have for a lady. Most often than not, the linen sheath dress do not come as plain. In most cases they are embroidered either at the hemline, or somewhere on the collar. Many years ago, when I was a young lass, in a second hand market, I bought a short, beige, linen sheath dress mixed with heavy lace- that dress was something else, I still remember the looks I used to get when wearing it! Those were the days. Simple accessories will do with a linen dress because of the embroidery.

Anybody who knows what fashion is all about owns a linen pant. Whether white or beige, this is a classic piece that is a must have.One must know how to pair linen pants. Linen pants can be paired with a cashmere sweater, a silk blouse, or even a cotton t-shirt on a weekend.

Peddle pusher
Peddle pusher made out of linen is good on weekend out. These, like pants can be paired with the sweater, a silk blouse or t-shirt for as long they are fitting. Go slow on accessories here; open flat sandals and a pearl necklace will do. A big handbag will complete the classy look.

Whether it is a straight cut or even six piece cut skirt, a linen skirt is also a must have for the ladies. Attending afternoon tea parties, a walk in the beach or even going for a lunch date with your girlfriends to catch up; wearing a linen skirt in any of these casual functions will give you a sense of freedom and comfort. A well-fitting button down blouse will finish off the neat look.
If you are in touch with fashion, you should not let clothes made of linen fabric pass you by, especially in this season of colour blocking.


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