Shine in different styles with kitenge fabrics

Most probably you have seen it forever; but have never given a second thought about it, but we all know it is here to stay.

Most probably you have seen it forever; but have never given a second thought about it, but we all know it is here to stay.

We saw our grandmothers wearing them, and then our mothers took over.We took from where our mothers left, but guess what? Our children are doing better than us in designing different outfits from the kitenge fabric.

The just ended Tusker Project Fame season five treated us to colouful outfits made out of kitenge fabrics. Who knew that a waist coat would look that smashing in a kitenge fabric?

If you thought the kitenge fabric is still confined within the borders of Africa, you are wrong. Have you seen Michelle Obama in her sleeveless Kitenge dress? Madam first lady knows how to dress in style whether traditional or trend.

Celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna were not left behind either. The new mother to a baby girl, Beyonce was recently spotted in a beautiful kitenge dress as she was shopping with her beautiful baby. Rihanna was not left behind- she was spotted in kitenge pants looking glamorous as usual.

The new season, has seen designers adopt the usage of kitenge fabric in their new summer collections. Dona Karan made beautiful dresses, pants and jackets made of kitenge fabrics were featured highly during her fashion show recently. I watched in awe as big power houses in the fashion industry showcased their new stylish outfits made of kitenge fabric.


Who has done it better than Michelle Obama in wearing her sleeveless kitenge dress? She has made the kitenge fabric look so new yet old; forget about the overflowing long dresses that we were used to seeing our mothers wearing. This time round, the dresses are knee length, simple yet sophisticated. Every woman today should own a kitenge sheath dress.


Long gone are the days when kitenge was used to make dresses or shirts for older men. Since TPF 5 with the male contestants coming on stage wearing kitenge waist coats, it is no wonder- young men are shining in their kitenge outfits like never before.


Kitenge pants gives one a vintage look, yet so stylish. These pants elongate the legs making one look sophisticated. Kitenge pants can be paired by a plain blouse so that you reduce on the colours, for men they can be paired by plain t-shirts and one will be good to go.


I have never liked jackets, the way I love kitenge jackets. Paired with a little black dress, a kitenge jacket looks divine. These jackets do not have to be worn on weekends only, fashion has made it possible for kitenge to be featured among the best fabrics-therefore it is now acceptable to wear at least one piece of an outfit made of kitenge fabric to formal functions.

Stylish harem pants

I saw a group of young ladies having worn their harem pants in style, only this time they were stitched out of kitenge fabric. They looked so stylish and updated.


Forget about the leather clutch bags; the new trend is that the little clutch bags that are made from the kitenge fabric instead of leather. They look sophisticated and trendy.
Whichever way you want to wear your kitenge, just make sure it is a new style that will update your wardrobe, as well as your looks.


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