When to take a break from body exercise

MOST of us today do one form of exercise or another, but do we know when to stop when the body demands? Honestly, no.

MOST of us today do one form of exercise or another, but do we know when to stop when the body demands? Honestly, no.

While it is good to keep fit by exercising, there comes a time when the body needs to take a rest. Sometimes, when these signs show, we do not want to listen, instead we keep going resulting in more harm than good.

One good lady, who was so keen on her aerobics, was not aware that the pain she was feeling on her knees was a sign that her body was sending, to slow down. Instead, she kept on pushing further, by the time she realized what was happening; she had done more harm to her knees and had to be incapacitated for weeks.

If you are an active person, who is always doing some exercise- it is good to pay attention. When you experience some of these, it is time to take a break;

Fatigue and demotivation

A good workout has been a guarantee to give you mental and physical boost, but studies have shown that moderate exercise is the recommended dose to give you a boost on your mood, health, energy levels as well as immunity. Pushing yourself too hard and overdoing the exercise on a continuous basis has the opposite effect and may increase your susceptibility to injury and infection.

Most of us think that when we feel fatigued and demotivated, then it is time to push ourselves to perform more than it is necessary. On the contrary, when you are feeling fatigued and demotivated, it is a sign to let your body rest.

Joint pains

It is common knowledge that when you are hurting you need to stop doing whatever it is that you are doing. When you experience joint pains, it means that you are causing damage to that particular area, which calls for immediate stop.

Normally a good instructor will advise you what to do when you experience the joint aches.

Soreness on muscles

We all agree that exercising is good, but what good is there when you exercise until your muscles become sore? It does not matter what type of exercise you are doing, just make sure you do not become a walking body full of soreness. If one particular exercise makes you sore, change to a mild exercise like walking and swimming for the sake of keeping fit and not hurting your self.

Infections and cold

When you experience stuffy nose, sore throat, bacterial or viral infection, it is advised to go slow on your exercise. However, when the symptoms become severe and infection spreads down to the chest and you start experiencing coughs, wheezing, raised temperature or pain, you must stop exercising. These symptoms often indicate a more serious infection and any further exercise could compromise your recovery.

In most cases, when a person has a bacterial or viral infection, there may be small amounts of inflammation around the body. Exercising even with minor symptoms need to be checked by a medical doctor.

Exercise was meant for you to keep fit and stay healthy and not to hurt you. Everything must be done in moderation.


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