Add oomph in your décor with a day bed

LIKE fashion, interior décor is the other thing that the well of ideas will never run dry on any given day.

LIKE fashion, interior décor is the other thing that the well of ideas will never run dry on any given day.

On a recent visit to a friend who has just given birth to her fourth child, I found a very interesting piece of furniture in her home. She had a day bed in one corner of her living room; according to her, she stumbled upon this piece of furniture one weekend when she attended a garage sale.

Not only was the price affordable, but this day bed came in handy at a time when she needed it during her post-maternal recuperation. Since she does like the idea of allowing visitors in her bedroom, nor walking around all the time- when someone has come to visit- the day bed is perfect for her and the baby to rest in the whole day, and retreatingwith the baby to the comfort of her bedroomin the evening.

Daybeds should not be confused with futons, or couches that fold down into double or queen size beds. Daybeds are usually three-sided beds or deep couches that do not fold in any way to become a bed, and, as such, their design allows them to work as both a bed and a seating area.

The daybeds were popular in ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations. In France under Louis XV, the daybed was a popular and lavishly designed piece of furniture, especially made for rich and elegant women to rest on during the day, since a woman found to be sleeping during the day, at the time was considered uncivilized.

Daybeds are a practical option as they combine the two features that of a sofa and a bed. Looking like an extra-wide sofa, daybeds are a single-piece set with a frame and a comfortable seat. Their distinctive feature is the back, which is usually large and elaborate, making it easier and for one to lean on as well offer the much needed comfort on any day.

Day beds can be ideal for smaller homes, or homes of bachelors and bachelorettes. Since most singles shy away from living in large homes, in a smaller home, day beds can be used for sleeping at the same time provide additional seating in your home.

Some of these day beds come with fitted drawers, just in case you will need extra space for your linen.These beds are classier and more sophisticated and can fit in with many decorating schemes.

To add a touch of class and style, you can cover your day bed with decorative pillows and rich fabrics that match the decor of the room, or you can go yonder in your imagination by contrasting the pillows in terms of colours and designs.

A Persian carpet or a hand woven rug underneath the day bed gives it the deserved attention as a center of attraction in your living room.

With new emerging designs, these beds can be made from a wide range of materials available; wood as well as metal.

The use of either wood or metal will strongly rely on the theme of your décor; it is wise to choose something that will coordinate with the style of your décor, to give it the much needed oomph!


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