In vogue with the brogues

Trends come and go very fast in the fashion industry, and the gist of fashion is that you have in your wardrobe what is latest so that you dress the part.

Trends come and go very fast in the fashion industry, and the gist of fashion is that you have in your wardrobe what is latest so that you dress the part.

Women, it seems borrow most of our fashion themes from men- what would we do without men? Your guess is as good as mine.

Men brogues are a typical case of things that we have copied from men; these shoes have been around for many years. Brogue shoes were initially popular among men in Scotland and Ireland. They were designed specifically to be used by workers, labourers and farmers as working boots.

The perforations in these shoes were put there so that water should not stand in the shoe for a long time for the labourers. In fact the perforation on the brogues is what make these shoes very unique and place them in a class of their own; if only people who designed these shoes knew, that one day their designs will be counted among the few classic shoes that exist today.

Brogues have been around for many years, it’s just that each season, they come looking better than the previous.

It is said that we are judged by the shoes we wear, as much as the brogues were initially designed for the lowly paid- they have now become a reserve for anyone who loves a good shoe and is willing to spend some extra cash.

One of the greatest ladies of all time was Katharine Hepburn who paved the way for emancipated women to start wearing the brogues. Most recently we have seen Rihhana, Taylor Swift and Sienna Miller wearing their brogue shoes in simple but classic fashion.

Brogues are a typical example of what classic shoes are; to do justice to these shoes, one has to look the part when wearing the brogues.

Long Skirts

Brogues can be found in many designs and colours than ever before. Whether they are flat or high heeled, brogues and long skirts or maxi skirts are classic combinations for anyone who knows what fashion is all about. A classic example of this is Jessica Alba who makes pairing her brogues with long skirts look classic. Gypsy skirt or even pencil skirt, for the long skirt paired with brogues- the style is cool.

Skirt Suits/ Trouser suits

Brogues also look good when worn with the skirt/trouser suit for formal dressing. The good thing with the high heeled brogues is that most come with block heels which makes it easy for the wearer to have balance, unlike the sharp pointed shoes. 


With different brogues to choose from, one has to be careful on which brogues to pair with a dress. If it is weekend dress, flat brogues is the way to go. As for a more formal dress, the sophistication in you will be more visible if the brogues are high heeled.

These shoes are not only very pretty but also exude a perfect feminine appeal and make a sophisticated casual wear.

Ladies, it is time to hang the gloves of the ballet shoes and the laboutins for a while and wear these vintage shoes for a change.


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