Simple changes in your home décor for a new feel

HAVE you ever pushed away the thought of going to your home in the evening, not because of anything else but because you don’t like how your home looks like?

HAVE you ever pushed away the thought of going to your home in the evening, not because of anything else but because you don’t like how your home looks like?

Well look no further – time to do some little changes that will turn around the look and the feel in your entire home.

Living room
Don’t think of breaking a bank if you don’t have enough money for a complete makeover. Start small by adding a few accessories like the throw pillows. Depending on the size of your sofas, big sofas go with big pillows and vice versa. If your sofas are in plain colour, add some pop of color by adding throw pillows that are patterned, stripped, checkered or even flowered. Throw pillows have a way of bringing a dull sofa to life, which will spread the mood in the entire living.

All these accessories can be bought in a second hand market; I have many times been a beneficiary of these markets. A beautiful rug can add life to the boring dining table. If the walls are too bare, arrange picture frames and see the magic that these frames bring with them.

How I love my kitchen neat. This is one of those areas that are so easy to maintain, and with very few essentials. If the walls are dirty- wash them off. Then paint the kitchen cabinets. It can be done in one weekend and it will make you feel like you have had a kitchen make over. To add more life to the cabinets, you can also paint the insides of the cupboards for a colorful surprise every time you open the doors.

People don’t believe when I tell them this is one place I find my peace. Unlike when you are in your bedroom anybody can come calling, but in here it’s all about you – that is why some efforts also need to go to this place. Just invest a few hundreds in buying small things that will give your bathroom a million dollar look. Pick out a matching bathroom rug and shower curtain to brighten up your bathroom. Scented candles and some essential oil are a must have in your bathroom too, for those days when you come home tired and in need of a long bath. If the walls of your bathroom stare back at you, look for a small wall clock and place it in there-this will lift the face of the bathroom. A towel rack is a must have in your bathroom, at any given time you must have clean towels in there. For me shower gels are a must have – and I think it should apply to all ladies. But again, it all depends on one’s pocket- but these small changes can make all the difference in your home.


What about changing the beddings? If you have the same beddings over and over again, they make your life miserable every time you go to your room. Having a few extras for a change will create a new feel.

Window treatment can also do wonders when it comes to changing your bedroom. Second hand markets have the best curtains one can ever find. Buying new curtains and mixing with the old  can add some extra life in your room.

Add a lamp shade or two, or even a flower vase- or anything that you have ever wanted in your room to experience the new feel.

These changes might seem small, but the positive effects that you will experience with your family will go a long way, and you will see happy faces on your people-deep down they will know that you care.


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