Is there life after death?

Of course there is There are no trials when it comes to death; everybody dies once and the moment the heart stops beating, there is no second chance! That is it! The person is gone forever and will never walk the earth, or at least never be seen in their known form like reincarnation teaches.
Ivan Mugisha & Rachel Garuka
Ivan Mugisha & Rachel Garuka

Of course there is

There are no trials when it comes to death; everybody dies once and the moment the heart stops beating, there is no second chance! That is it! The person is gone forever and will never walk the earth, or at least never be seen in their known form like reincarnation teaches.

That is why death is the most dreaded by all people from all walks of life. In order to preserve their stay on earth, some people have sought after disciplined diets, have quit red meat and embarked on extreme workout regimes. But even that does not guarantee life. Others have sought blessings from God or his adversary the devil, but still have found it to be futile.

When it comes to mortal death, nothing can save you when you day arrives- probably the reason why death freaks everybody out. The fact is we cannot live on this world forever. If we are lucky to see our grey hairs, we will still die of old age.

I am not afraid to die but only afraid of the way in which I might die. I always pray to God that if I am to die, surely, let it instant or in my sleep, so that I don’t feel anything.

There is one prominent theory that despises life after death. It is called Evolutio- and I do not believe in it!

Had I believed in it, then probably I’d harbor the thought of no more life after death, but I don’t. I have always believed that when I die, that won’t be it.

 As a matter of fact, I advise my readers not to as well. There is no benefit whatsoever in believing in something that conclusively assures about a meaningless death! I mean, what if there is after we die?

People are built on hope and faith; almost everything we do is anchored in faith and hope; we go to school hoping to have a bright future, we travel in planes, cars and trains because we believe and have faith that we shall reach our destination.

Therefore, any theory or practice like atheism or evolution that erodes man’s hope and purpose for life, is no use to us and should be discarded.

In many ways the question about life after death is almost similar to the “God question” and will always never be debated conclusively in contemporary society.

Most people who believe that there is no life after death will not be swayed by any kind of argument to believe otherwise and the opposite is also true.

Other than Jesus Christ who died and rose again, and at a time not our own, no one else has performed the same act to give us assurance of perhaps another kind of life after we die. Yet, the idea of an end to all life when one is dead is unfathomable.

Believing that there is life after death has much to do with the supernatural. Its realms can’t be explained or proven in a science lab and therefore, is simply a matter of belief.

That is why it is important that people try to discover God, not physically, but spiritually, so that they can have a better understanding about life and death.

The idea is; if there is a God, then surely there is life after death and if there is no God, then we have no souls and only become dust when we die.

As for me, for the years I have traversed this world, nothing has been more lucid to me than a living God who is watching us from wherever he resides.

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I have no idea

I’ve asked this question since the day I learned how to speak and years later, I still find myself with unsatisfactory answers. I know Jesus said that happy are those who believe without seeing for (apparently something belongs to them – can’t remember exactly)…but in all honesty, if I just go around believing everything I’m told regardless of whether I’ve seen proof or not, I might end up in jail or dead!

Since science makes no sense to me whatsoever, the only thing left is religion. After all, it takes an extremely powerful supernatural being (read God) to create what we have in the world today and not some silly apes evolving in a remote bush somewhere.

Let me make it clear that I believe in God. What I do not agree with is some of the things that happen – or most importantly why He lets them happen - that’s just me keeping it real with you. I read the Bible, but every so often it just leaves me more confused than ever.

If there is Heaven, then there is definitely hell. But I refuse to believe that God – in all the ways we are told He loves us deeply (hello…He sacrificed His only Son for the good of mankind) could watch anyone suffer in a fire that most likely will never be put out!

I’m not saying we can go around killing each other and expect Him to tolerate us because He loves us but I think burning forever is overdoing it. I don’t care if it’s written! You see, apparently He gave Satan the power to corrupt us - He knew we were going to give in (we are all sinners, incase you are wondering what’s with the ‘we’).

I’m just saying, we were born to sin. And according to Born Again Christian people, if I do not repent for those sins before I die, I’m going straight to hell. Well – that maybe true but I also can’t walk around silently asking for forgiveness every second of the day because there is a chance I might die that day.

So many people have lost their lives to cults claiming they are spreading God’s word. I listen to some of the things some preachers say on TV and even when my mind wants to welcome these words, I’m still torn between who is real and who is not.

People’s tithe coming from their hard earned money ends up in personal wallets. I pray (maybe not as often as I should but I do), I try not to do things to hurt anyone, of course being the human that I am, I make mistakes. We all do. When I have the chance, I ask God to help me.

But if I just dropped dead right now (people actually do that), seeing as I can’t pray and write an article at the same time am I guaranteed a one way journey to hell? That’s scary.

So I choose to believe otherwise. For the sake of my own sanity I tell myself that after we die, it’s over. When we are all finished, another world will be created – kind of like Big Brother! This IS reality, we are being watched and we get evicted. But what happens after – no one knows for sure!


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