What are you having for breakfast?

Breakfast is one meal women should never skip.However, the question here is, “what the right meals for breakfast”?

Breakfast is one meal women should never skip.However, the question here is, “what the right meals for breakfast”?

Many women have issues with their weight so they resort to starving and throwing out vital meals like breakfast, which is quite detrimental for their health.

And then there is that lot that just doesn’t care at all. They will go as far as having fries or even a real heavy meal for breakfast like the famous matoke, meat mixture (katogo).This isn’t only unhealthy but will get you dozing in the morning instead of giving you energy for your morning work-related activities.

It’s certainly advisable to eat a healthy breakfast, containing more fibers, proteins and other rich nutrients, than foods rich in sugar, salt, refined grains and saturated fat.

Gerald Ruzindana, a nutritionist at Health Inspirations, advises women to always have a hot cup of tea in the morning.

“Taking something hot for breakfast will help stimulate the circulation of blood in the body. Some salad and fruit will also do the body good. You should have a healthy breakfast high in fibers, vitamins and proteins but it shouldn’t be heavy,” he advises.

The Nutritionist advises that since women want to keep in shape, they should keep away from heavy breakfast like katogo and throw out junk food as well.

He notes that women are a bit lazy when it comes to exercising so they should as well keep away from unhealthy foods.

In order to avoid having big appetite for lunch, which might make you eat too much, he advises that it’s always good to drink water or eat fruit in between such that by the time you’re supposed to be having lunch, you’re not really starving.

Breakfast is therefore a must have meal and even better if you keep it hot, light and don’t forget to have a fruit or two.

According to the Mayo Clinic Website, those who regularly eat a healthy meal in the morning consume less fat and cholesterol and more vitamins and minerals than those who don’t eat breakfast. Eating a healthy meal at the start of the day can also help lower cholesterol, control weight gain and prevent overeating by curbing hunger later in the day.


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