Are women stereotyped as money minded?

A.K.A Gold diggers Tested and proven statistics indicate that 75 per cent of women will not marry a man for his looks, or for charm and wit, but for the size of his bank account.
Ivan Mugisha & Rachel Garuka
Ivan Mugisha & Rachel Garuka

A.K.A Gold diggers

Tested and proven statistics indicate that 75 per cent of women will not marry a man for his looks, or for charm and wit, but for the size of his bank account.

It used to be the size of a man’s wallet that mattered, but trust me women are evolving, things are changing and right now, women look further than they used to a decade ago.

Some women we’ve read about in magazines have married, divorced and then become immensely richer than they ever imagined, just as they had planned anyway.

I think that some laws should be changed to protect the rich against gold- diggers. Instead of forcing a rich man to share his property 50/50 after a divorce, the lawmakers should put in consideration how much a woman brought into the relationship.

When it comes to money, it’s not a case of bad apples spoiling the good ones; with all due respect to the general populace, it’s no rocket science that there’s a whole load of women out there trying to track down the luckiest men in society for a relationship.

That is, every three out of four women you meet, money wooed them into a relationship or will be wooed into one by it- sad.

Imagine the hustles that a middle income earning male will go through just to sustain his relationship. Other than proving the worth of monthly pay cheque, he must demonstrate sustainable ability to provide lest he is ridiculed and chucked.

Therefore, his mind and actions must always be tuned to responding to “honey I need airtime, honey I need a cab, baby my hair, my nails, honey this, honey that”. The moment the fellow shows hesitancy at any one point, he is surely heading down the rough rocks of mistrust.

The Bro-Code states it clearly; if a brother should desire any woman, he should buy her a car. A car is what can speak for a man one thousand “I love you’s”… and meaningful ones at that. Regardless of whether he is a blood brother to Shrek or King Kong, the gentleman will surely be granted a chance to sleep with even a goddess.

That is why men like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kanye West or Jay-Z will hand pick which women to date; it is not because of who they are, but rather, what they have in the bank.

Even celebrities who have fallen short of the dollar, like Mike Tyson, can testify how suddenly it has become hard for them to land themselves a pretty one.

 Therefore, instead of hesitating and stammering about after stumbling upon a beautiful woman, a man should just buy a woman a car because only a few have the stomach to say no to such a “gift”.

Unfortunately, just as hard as it is for a woman to turn down a car, so is it hard for an average man to simply get his hard earned money to buy a car for a woman. That means that, in most cases, a man has only one genuine card to play while trying to impress a woman- his looks or his talents.

But still, I will desist from the unfair habit of generalizing because much as women have been seen negatively in the eyes of gold-diggers, I know there are a good number of well bred and respectful women (25 per cent isn’t terrible figure after all) who will not judge a man solely on his income.

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We are looking out for ourselves

This is one of the most erroneous things I’ve ever heard about women. For one, I see more guys feeding off women than getting actual jobs. Secondly, who doesn’t like money or isn’t intrigued by the thought of making some more? 

Now money isn’t the most important thing to me BUT  as I  strive towards real independence, like owning my own house, car, and lots of other extras, I’d really appreciate it if my better-half was able to contribute to the relationship and not leech off me.

I want to tell guys that we are just as cautious as they are about spending our lives with a partner who basically does nothing all day long and just waits for you to bring the bread home.

The guys who actually have money, go out looking for the ‘young and restless’ who probably do not have plans of getting a job anytime soon. They spoil them senseless then go around complaining how women are obsessed with men taking care of them—this is infuriating beyond comprehension.

These same men (the ones with money and enjoy showing it off) sometimes go out and advertize themselves and all their wealthy wonder in an effort to impress the ladies yet, somehow they don’t hesitate to complain when the only thing the woman does is shop!

Then seriously why would a wealthy 80-year-old man marry a woman 50 years his junior? I know they say age is just a number but are you freaking kidding me? Even so, there must be something in it for both parties.

The old man gets a hot young wife to make him feel young again and the hot young wife gets an old wealthy man to spoil her till the cows come home. Not one of them can be so foolish as to think it is love! If he wanted an old wealthy woman like himself, don’t you think he would go for one?

Money is important if you want to survive, live well and provide for your family. But the reason most men think women are just ‘gold diggers’ is because they want girls half their age who are still gallivanting around the place looking for a good time.

We are not obsessed with money – the fact is that money is good to have around. Even though it doesn’t buy happiness, it does buy nice clothes, nice food, nice houses and lands my kids a spot in the best schools. What’s not to love?

The whole of mankind is obsessed with it. It makes life easier because it gives us one less thing to worry about. There is nothing wrong with wanting security in life. We are not asking for Donald Trump mansions – well not all of us – or anything that extreme.

If guys want a true partner in life, they should go out and look for sensible women – women who want the same things in life as they do and not girls who jump up every time they hear a Justin Bieber song!

Women (or should I say people) who seem obsessed with money either grew up with lots of money, or grew up with absolutely none and want to change that. Why do men complain about the money issue and yet they keep on dating girls with the same characteristics? Women who want bags of money are relatively easy to avoid because you can tell almost instantly when you have your first conversation.

Most women intend to have children someday. It is insane to expect to raise kids with no income. Most people I know just want enough to be able to live, preferably comfortably, and with not so huge amounts of money or personalised Bentleys and 12-bedroomed mansions! Women are into love. That is what they want most from a man – at least a man they actually care about.


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