Wearing your shorts in style

LONG time ago when we were young girls, we wore shorts. Growing up those days was like living in heaven, people had good thoughts for everyone despite how you dressed.

LONG time ago when we were young girls, we wore shorts. Growing up those days was like living in heaven, people had good thoughts for everyone despite how you dressed.

I am told, during our mothers’ time they had their days with mini skirts and dresses – and nobody was frowning upon them. Our time came after women had taken emancipation very seriously, so they almost stopped wearing dresses and deviated to trousers and shorts; which was one way to express themselves and to prove a point.

Well, I must agree women did prove their point- and here we are today twisting men clothes to fit our needs. What started as trousers was eventually shortened every season until a pair of shorts was born.

For many seasons, shorts have gone and come back in many styles; fortunately each time the version is better than the previous.

2012 is a season of so many good things in the fashion scene. Among them is the return of wearing shorts without fear.

Tongues wagged when Michelle Obama was spotted stepping off Air Force One, some time back in a pair of green cotton shorts. I mean so what? What was the hullabaloo about? I mean the reason as to why we all love her is because she is stylish and different. In fact, the paparazzi’s from the fashion magazines can’t seem to have enough of her, because of her daring styles, so why would anyone complain about her shorts?

Truth of the matter is that shorts are here to stay, and I amongst other women love my shorts.  Let’s be honest here; shorts are stylish and at least most women dream of wearing a pair of shorts, even if it is at the beach. We have seen short suits everywhere lately- on the runways, on the red carpet, and honestly, they are now sharper than before.

Designers like Carven, Jill Stuart, and Cacharel all sent a sexy shorts look down their runways. BottegaVeneta, Alberta Ferretti and Donna Karan all showcased shorts above the knee and celebrities like Amanda Seyfried and Michelle Williams  made it look easy to wear one even at a big function.

Seyfried recently stunned at a movie premiere in an electric blue short suit from H&M. Of course, it’s always a surprise to see high-street fashion on the red carpet, but even more interesting was the choice of shorts rather than the preferred menswear-inspired pantsuit, she’s never looked dapper!

The current trend with shorts that we are now seeing is by mixing and matching short suit pieces. But again it does not matter whether you want to wear your shorts as a suit, or just casually on a weekend, either way this is a fashion block buster!

It has been noted that women are no longer afraid to experiment fashion, for as long as it is decent enough to be worn- then why not?

For all the ladies who are thinking of whether to wear or not to wear their shorts, the answer is simple; you don’t have to wear very short shorts to make fashion sense. Please always wear something that is comfortable on you, lengthwise. There is no rule that says all shorts have to be super short!

Remember it’s in bad taste to wear shorts and you are seen fidgeting and pulling them down, then you have no reason to wear them in the first place.

Shorts can be of different lengths; there are shorts above the knees, or below the knees whichever way you decided to go, just wear them in style.


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