Should spouses snoop through their partner’s phone?

Sometimes it is necessaryAnyone who has been in a relationship can attest that after love, trust comes second as the most important virtue needed for any relationship to stand firm.
Ivan Mugisha
Ivan Mugisha

Sometimes it is necessary

Anyone who has been in a relationship can attest that after love, trust comes second as the most important virtue needed for any relationship to stand firm.

And just as true love comes softly, so does trust. Trusting a partner, married or unmarried, is so important that without it, even the love they seemingly share can turn into the most bitter hatred ever shared between two people.

That is why as difficult as it may be trust is necessary in any love relationship.

But let’s face it; except for a fool, nobody will blindly trust their spouse when there are millions of indicators that they are into something bizarre. When a man starts to strongly suspect that his wife is having an affair, there is no other way he will find the truth unless he does some investigations- and there is no closer place to start than in her phone.

There is a common joke that women who cheat disguise their lover’s caller IDs as female names. In other words, when a certain Peter calls, Natasha appears on her phone and only an inquisitive mind would wonder why “Natasha’s” voice is so male. Let me not be one-sided though because it’s a trick that is also used by men.

Trusting someone, doesn’t mean that you must never ask questions or that when you ask questions and get an unsatisfactory answer, you must give up and take it the way it is.

Therefore, if a person is convicted to check through their partner’s phone for some sort of satisfactory evidence or for a starting clue for precious answers, I say go ahead!

You would rather be brandished insecure or a coward for reading his or her messages than find out a little too late that you contracted HIV or that all your riches are owed to the casino!

Many people all over the world have perused through their partners’ phones and discovered the bitter truth. Therefore, phones are steadfast tools that will at least quench or confirm suspicions.

When people enter a relationship, their lives are no longer their own; they share the two lives as if it were one and no longer have anything to hide from each other.

If one decides to check through their partner’s contacts, texts or emails, it shouldn’t be a problem unless they have something to hide.

Trust must never be used as a defensive mechanism, like many people do when they have no explanations for their actions. Rather than insult a soul mate for checking through a phone, why not show them some respect in the first place, by giving them reason not to?

Actually, there should be no debate in this! The hard truth is that people who say that their phones are out of bounds for their partners are nothing but untrustworthy individuals. To date or marry such a person is nothing short of signing a pact with misery itself.


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