For teens, experimenting with dress code is as natural as breathing

You are not leaving the house wearing that! Can you recall the number of times you have been told - probably more times than you care to remember!

You are not leaving the house wearing that! Can you recall the number of times you have been told - probably more times than you care to remember!

Now as a parent, if you have teenage kids, admit that the dress code is hilarious but cool.

Some parents have totally refused to come to terms with the fact that the way they dressed in their days is completely different from the way teenagers dress today.

If you were forced to wear oversized dresses and trousers, do not make that your kids’ problem.

I remember going through family albums and seeing old pictures of my parents. The ‘back bush’ hairstyle and bell bottoms were quite ridiculous. I suspect Shaba Ranks influenced most of them.

My point is, if you find today’s teenage dress code ridiculous be sure that they feel the same way about what you wore in your days – possibly even worse.

Parents must remember that they too were influenced by television, (those that were lucky enough to have it then) and now today’s teenagers are influenced by the same.

Coloured spiked hair and miniskirts are the trend today. Some people are always complaining about jeans that hang off the butts of teenage boys but we need to understand that the clothes that people wear speak for themselves.

I cannot defend some abhorrent clothes that I too find ridiculous but it should be important to express our feelings (I’m sure you have heard of freedom of expression) - we are who we are by what we wear and when best can you do that, than when you are a teenager?

Honestly this is the only time anybody can get away with dressing like lady Gaga, as compared to say - 30.

It would be a shame if you imposed this whole gentle dressing code on your son or daughter, with the good intention of turning them into young adults at age 15 and then watch them go back to dressing like they are 15 at age 30.

Isn’t it ridiculous when you find old men and women dressed like adult – children, leaving you wondering what in the world is wrong with them?

Well I have an answer for you. When they were kids some of them missed the ‘dress-like –my- favourite- rapper’ stage and now it is time they caught up with it.

Do not deny teenagers the chance to express themselves or be who they want to be.

When I first coloured my hair golden brown (I have always believed I am a “black blonde” without the insinuation of blondes are dense part), I remember the shocking look on my father’s face. However, he sat me down and said, “This is new, but I think you should have tried a less shouting colour, like a dark maroon for example.”

What a better way to approach the situation than all hell breaking loose. If he had just shouted at me, I think I would have coloured it green next time around.


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