Ten Questions with Uncle Austin

Your full names: Austin Luwano Butoyi Aka: Uncle Austin Age: 27

Your full names: Austin Luwano Butoyi
Aka: Uncle Austin
Age: 27

What do you do for a living?

I am an artist as well as a Radio presenter.

Tell us something about your career

Well I have been in radio since 2002 when I was in my high school. So this year, I am celebrating ten years in the industry.

As for my music career, I appreciate that my music is now taking me to many countries in Africa; and if all goes well maybe my videos will start playing everywhere in Africa. That is if I continue doing good music and producing quality videos.

What would you like to see change in our society?

Openness. That will help reduce the pretence that seems to be the order of the day here.

What is your favorite daily attire?

Man…..i can’t easily tell but I love looking good, so anything that can make me look nice and smart.

Women or Cars

Hahahahaha really? Are u asking me this? I would get the woman If she has a car..lol..joking ..women.

Tell us something about your new song

I do have quite a number of new songs and videos. In fact as we are talking, I am in the process of shooting my latest video called IBIHE BYOSE REMIX and I have also released my new song called NDAFUHA.

Do you have a girlfriend?

No! Am single and searching.

What is one thing that you want to be remembered for?

Musically I want to have words, slangs or terms that I have coinned and sing in my songs to be used in everyday life, just the same way Kenyans have “Sheng” a mixture of Swahili and English as another language.

Parting shot

Any information about anyone should be gotten from the horse’s mouth, so to speak! Because no one has real information about anyone!


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