Choosing the right outfit for your body type

Getting dressed is easy when you know what exactly works for your body type.

Getting dressed is easy when you know what exactly works for your body type.

Most women fall into four different  body shapes; the circle shape where one is thick around the waist, the triangle shape where most of the weight is found at the bottom, the rectangle shape were someone is straight up and down and the hour glass were someone is curvy but evenly proportioned.

With whatever body shape you have, you can still dress and look great if at all you choose the right outfit to suit your body type.

With the circle shape where one tends to gain weight around the middle, you can try wearing cloths that fit loosely around the mid section so that you can conceal a full stomach and play up your thin limbs. Avoid anything that draws attention to the middle like belts or waist-clinching tops.

For people with the rectangle shape, where there is little definition around the waist, there is no need to worry. Opt for snugly fitting clothes in the middle which then flare out at the bottom whether it’s a skirt or pant, to create some curves. Do not put on dresses that are tight all over and avoid anything that is flowy and unstructured around the waist.

For the hour glass body shaped people where there is ample chest, narrow waist, full but not wide hips, choose cloths that work and move with your natural curves and not against them says Raes, a fashion designer. Shapeless or boxy styles, baby-doll dresses, oversized cardigans should be avoided at all costs.

And for the triangle body shape where your shoulders and torso are narrower than your hips, one should avoid shapeless oversized sweaters, skinny jeans and pants, and skirts that are flimsy. Curve hugging fabrics like silk should also be avoided.

Now that you know your body shape, why not look for the best outfit that suits your body type and make you look more stylish? It’s just a matter of knowing where you fall; after this, becoming stylish becomes easy.


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