Q&A: Marie Eduige Guemer: demystifying beauty

Briefly tell us about yourself I am a 30 year old beautician and a cosmetologist by professional. My mother is called Marie France and I never knew my father.

Briefly tell us about yourself

I am a 30 year old beautician and a cosmetologist by professional. My mother is called Marie France and I never knew my father.

I attended normal classes during my primary and high school in the Southern part of Haiti, my motherland. After discovering the potential I had in beautification I joined the Michael Art Design institute, which is one of the best in the Caribbean. That was all I needed to polish the skills that my grandmother had installed in me when I was still young.

The person who inspired me is my granny because she used to warn me to never leave the house when I had not looked at my mirror to see how I looked.

What was your childhood dream? Are you living it?

I remember there was someone who used to come at our place to do my granny’s hair and nail and I started admiring this person and as I grew up I dreamt of becoming a beautician. I think I will start living my dream in the next five years where I will own a cosmetic and wig line.

What propelled your interest in being a beautician and when did you start doing it?

Every lady is beautiful but, again, everybody needs a coach because one cannot be better in everything. What people should know is that you need to work on your beauty to be called beautiful.

I don’t remember the time I started doing it because when I used to be a model I would help other models apply makeup. However, professionally I started doing it in 2008.

What are the challenges you face in your job?

Most ladies in Rwanda like fashionable things but they lack a focal point because they have no idea of global fashion trends. Don’t forget that, as women, our natural beauty is only ten per cent of what it can be. Even Beyonce, who the world is praising for her beauty, is only enjoying such fame because of the effort she and her beauticians make in order to transform her into what she is today.

Unfortunately, there no facilities here that can help whoever is interested in taking cosmetology courses. In fact, people still take it as silly professional that is taken by people who are lazy and can’t compete with others.

What do you think are the greatest challenges that Rwandan women face?

I believe that everyone should first do feasibility studies before they think about opening any business.

In terms of career, the challenges that women face are the same challenges that men face. Women should think wisely and be smart in order to achieve what they aimed for when they started a project.

What are your future plans?

Before I leave Rwanda I want to organise many seminars with the help of my friend Patrick, a designer. I plan to make my name appear on makeup lines, wigs and in different saloons worldwide.

What is your message to Rwandan women?

Ladies, you are so beautiful. Be proud of that and express yourself. People here don’t express themselves. I find men in Rwanda more hype than the women

What is your current relationship?

Marie here has many ladies in her: she is a mother, a wife, a girlfriend to all people. I am a mother of two boys and a wife to one man.

How do you spend your leisure time?

Do I have free time? I am always at work. If not I am at home Facebooking and helping people. When I decide to enjoy my free time I go dancing or I go for a vacation, like what I am planning to do very soon for two months away from my family.


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