Ten questions with MC TINO

1. What is your name, as in your name in full? Martin Kasirye Aka: MC TINO Age: 27

1. What is your name, as in your name in full?
Martin Kasirye
Age: 27

2. What do you do for a living?
I am an MC, Artist, Comedian and a Radio Presenter

3. Tell us something about your career
I have been in radio since 2004 after my senior six exams.
I started as a radio DJ with Radio Flash FM, then after like six months I began talking live on the radio. It was kind of tricky and scary because that was the first time I was going on Air, and  I din not know what I was going to talk about in a very long time while on air;but because radio presenting is in my blood, it came almost as natural after introducing myself.
After six years with Radio Flash FM- I left and looked for greener pastures and was employed by Nation Media Holdings Rwanda under 98.7 KFM where am currently a breakfast show presenter, from 6am-10am in the morning.

4. What would you like to change in our society?
If people were just better, what else can I say? Kinder?More sensible?More intelligent? Then all the ‘issues’ of Rwanda would be non-existence because we would know how to solve problems by joining together rather than fighting or killing each other. Rwanda will be a very wonderful place to live for everyone.

5. What is your favorite daily wear attire?
I like wearing T-shirts and jeans, and while at home, I usually wear shorts and T-shirts. Just like other people, I wear what feels comfortable to wear.

6. Women or Cars
So funny, anyway I go for women coz they really comfort me…aaaaaaah this is a good one for sure!

7. Tell us something about your new song

 Yeah am a member of a group called TBB(TINO, BOB, and BENJA) we have a new song called UNSHYIRA HIGH which means you make me high. It’s all about a very beautiful girl that I met and liked. It was produced by Nick from Narrow road studio Kigali and the video is going to be out very soon.

8. Do you have a girlfriend?

Such a handsome guy like me, how can I not be hooked? Yes, I have a very beautiful girl who I am dating; we have been together for a while.

9. What is one thing that you want to be remembered for?

I am that easy guy who is down to earth, I can make you smile just even when you look at me; and one of the Radio personalities- pioneers in Kigali who made a difference in the Radio industry!

10. Parting advice to all the youth who are looking up to you as their role model Sex thrills but Aids kills, youths out there abstain from sex until marriage, if you can’t abstain don’t forget to use a condom.


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