A letter to my teen-sister

Teenage girls out there need to be aware of the frauds that some guys are. When a boyfriend tells you to prove your love with sex, you must understand that he loves you not. This is what I told my sister when she wasn’t sure about a relationship incident where her boo made such a demand.

“I thank you for confiding in me, and I want you to know that I will always be there for you! Never hesitate to ask for anything, any advice. In your last email, you asked me what I think about your boyfriend and his ‘weird request’ as you called it. You said your boyfriend asked you to prove your love to him by, let me get this right, ‘having sex with him’?

Well, I am so proud that you did the right thing and asked for advice before doing something you might have regretted. Listen now my sister; when a guy tells you to prove your love by having sex with him, the least you can do is dump him! Anybody who asks you to prove your love is trying to take you for the biggest fool that ever walked. Does he love you? It doesn’t sound like it. Someone who loves you wants whatever is best for you.

This guy wants you to commit an immoral act, surrender your virtue, compromise your character, throw away your self-respect, risk your reputation and risk getting pregnant, get diseases or get into trouble. Girl wise up! He wants what’s best for him, he wants a thrill he can brag about at your expense.

A guy who loves a girl would soon cut off his right arm than hurt her. The truth is, this guy doesn’t love you at all. A guy that’s interested in you shouldn’t have a problem with waiting for your relationship to develop.

He should realise that true love is founded in emotional connection, and that physical chemistry can be established in activities short of sex. You need someone who will respect your wishes. But what you need most right now is to concentrate on your studies. Hope to hear from you soon.’


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