Ideal interiors:Making the most of a small space with a sofa bed

My bachelor friend asked me to help him with his house décor, and to choose furniture for him when he decided to move out of his parents’ home.

My bachelor friend asked me to help him with his house décor, and to choose furniture for him when he decided to move out of his parents’ home.

We went to check out his bachelor’s pad and truly the size of the house is that of a bachelor’s, a typical bedsitter; it is one huge room with a kitchenette on the far end of the room, and on the other end of the room there is a toilet cum bathroom.

Of course when one is moving into a house, a bed is needed, some seats, and maybe a small table where one can double use it as a working table and dining table as well.

So when time came for us to go and buy the bed and seats for the bachelor’s pad, we realised that a bed and seats separately can not fit into that one small cubicle; the next thing I thought of was to have a custom made sofa bed.

Sofa beds have been with us for many years but are not known to many. A sofa bed is mostly used by single people who live in small houses or a bedsitter. As the name suggests, a sofa bed performs the functions of both, a sofa as well as a bed. When it is in an upright position, it acts a standard couch where people can sit.

On the other hand, when it is unfolded, it spreads in the shape of a bed and facilitates you to sleep or relax comfortably. So, one can enjoy both the utilities from a single accessory, which is durable, cost-effective and user friendly. These beds serve   multiple purposes, and are very versatile pieces of furnitures.

Due to its compatible structure, a sofa bed is the best fit for smaller rooms and spaces. During the day, it can be easily converted as a sofa to provide a seating arrangement for your friends, family and guests. Whereas, at night you can open it up and it will act as a comfortable bed according to the owner’s convenience.

Another advantage of the sofa bed is that it can be used in family homes as well. You can have this piece in a TV room or a study room and have it converted to a bed when you need to use that room as a guest room, when you have too many guests at your place and are falling short of a guestroom, a sofa bed will give you that leverage so that everyone can be accommodated.

You do not have to purchase additional furniture for your second room, as it can become a guest room when need be, and you can use the room for whatever other purposes when it does not need to have a bed in it.

It takes very few minutes to convert the sofa into a bed; and as much as the TV room or the study rooms are not the ideal places to host your visitors at night, all the same they will thank you for your efforts.

As much as the sofa beds are multifunctional furniture, they also offer great style in your home decor. They also come in many styles, sizes and design for as one makes the right size and colour which is compatible with the décor of your home.


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