Wearing sweater to the office

Though men have less options when it comes to office wear, I feel it was time the whole suit attire thing was dropped.

Though men have less options when it comes to office wear, I feel it was time the whole suit attire thing was dropped. I must admit that the new sweater trend adopted by the Kenyan men is much appealing. Apart from becoming more dress conscious our men recently seem to be accepting the fashion vibrant change.

Though the sweater trend has been absent for quite sometime our men seem to bring it back in style and have made it the latest fashion craze. However like it normally happens not all men have been able to pull the trend off as it should be.

When deciding what to wear to work men are inclined to keep their outfit official by wearing suits. However sometimes it is monotonous to wear dress shirts and slacks from January to December.

If you’re tired of wearing a bland shirt and tie to the office everyday a sweater is an available convenient alternative.

Functionally if worn right, it helps show off personal style without interfering with the official look. Yet most men know little about sweaters and even fewer take full advantage of all the styles and patterns available.

Understanding the fine line between sweaters that work at work  and sweaters that don’t is very important.

Therefore this article will help you (men) dress in a professional manner that will also best reflect your individuality without changing you.

Plain Colored Sweaters

Just keep the color of the sweater in line with the rest of your wardrobe.

Not too loud or too bright.

Navy blue, gray, or even black will work as solid, conservative colors.

This will give you a chance to alternate the sweaters with different shirts that can go with it without being a fashion disaster.
Argyle Sweaters

These sweaters provide a little extra color and design.

However when doing Argyle sweaters simplicity must be observed.

Too much extra can be disastrous therefore stick with dark, conservative colors with maybe one contrasting color in the sweater.

Cable knit sweaters 

They are made of natural wool that is breathable which helps keep the body at an even temperature.
It is very nice and comfortable sweater to wear especially for cold weather. With cable them, stick with either white or navy blue. Crew neck should be the perfect design since you’re wearing them to the office.

Crew Neck Sweaters

The crew neck is the most common type of sweater preferred by men. They are characterized by their round curing in the neck region that is generally for protect in the chest from the elements of wind and cold.

 It can also be worn with a tie.

When wearing it to work, wear a dress shirt underneath with the dress shirt collar inside the collar of the sweater.

V neck Sweater

As the sweater’s name indicates, the distinguishing feature of this style is the low cut “V” neckline.  It works best with a button-down collar dress shirt. The “V” line cut helps draw attention to the face creating a leaner profile illusion. It can be worn with or without a tie.

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests look good when worn with a suit or sport jacket/odd trouser combination. It is not must that they match the clothing however it is preferable that they compliment the trousers and/or jacket.

Polo Sweaters

A casual sweater that eliminates the need to wear a dress shirt underneath, it looks best when paired with a sports jacket.  Good fit is paramount with this style, and it can be worn tucked into the trousers.

Y-neck Sweaters

They are characterized by a y-shape around the neck area.They are closely related to the V neck sweaters. They can have buttons or a zip depending on their design. They can be worn as official or casual wear.


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