OPINION: You can’t keep a good woman down!

Let me start by saying that I believe each single day should be Women’s Day. We are special; whether some men agree or not! We are the reason for your very existence.
Rachel Garuka
Rachel Garuka

Let me start by saying that I believe each single day should be Women’s Day. We are special; whether some men agree or not! We are the reason for your very existence. Sure men are partly responsible, but after that egg meets the sperm, the rest is all on us! Even men who look as scary as The Undertaker once leaned towards a woman for survival.

But other than the fact that we bring people into the world, what makes a woman beautiful? What makes her shine? What exalts her and causes her to be honored and respected? How does she thrive? Is her strength overrated?

A woman’s strength is complementary and shines through her compassion and adaptability to the people in her world. She is a motivator to friends, family, co-workers, bosses and employees. She is a harmonizer. We are the glue that holds families together – that link between the father and the kids, with the intuitive ability to understand the feelings and needs of both.

How often do we hear men attribute their success to a woman in his life? And what is that saying again – ‘Behind every great man is a woman.’ Best believe it. Some people look at successful gay guys and question the women’s presence in their lives but it doesn’t have to be a spouse. It can be a sister, mother, daughter, aunt, friend, grandmother - anyone!

It is a fact that some men handle women with no more dignity than they would a fly. The problem is some women demand respect they haven’t earned! One of the most important rules in life is, respect yourself if you want to be respected. If you handle yourself like you don’t matter, then trust that men will do the same.

Women, we have got to see ourselves first before we can see anyone else. Find yourself, get a tight grip and make sure you are holding on to a person so deserving, not even Mother Nature can tear her up. There is no point in wasting respect on someone with no respect for themselves whatsoever! A woman who knows her worth cultivates herself and her vision, for she understands that she cannot attract or receive anything better than how she treats herself or allows herself to be treated.

Any woman worth her salt develops healthy and concrete boundaries and values. She does not allow others with less vision to undermine her and determine her worth for her. She keeps herself as a precious field, protected from vultures and scavengers. No man (or other hating woman) can make such a woman feel less about herself.

In womanhood, I see a picture of integrity, honor, intelligence, wisdom, strength, compassion, ability, foresight, resourcefulness, productivity, focus, diligence, creativity, good judgment, responsibility, honesty, kindness, and good will – a strong, wise, visionary, harmonious, self-loving, caring, co-operative, Spirit-led babe in total control of herself!

Every woman is born with inner strength. The strength of a woman can be found within her soul - an endless stream of strength, rejuvenation and fortitude. Do not let anyone drain this strength out of you (the depressors and haters), leaving you defenseless.

Know your strength and utilize it to its full potential. Strength allows you to learn from your mistakes, rather than become a victim, usually sitting and wallowing in self pity.

No one can put you down unless you let them. Fight for yourself because truthfully, who else will? The strength is within you; you just have to find it! It’s not what you do in life that matters; it’s who you are. Even if your life hasn’t been very appropriate, it is never too late to change things. It’s never too late to be a good woman!

Utilize your mind, body and soul to assist your daily perceptions or misperceptions in your life. This will give you the strength to make the choices needed to achieve the peace you deserve. No one and I mean, no one; can destroy that, once you’ve got it!

Happy Women’s Day


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