It’s been a short while since we, Senior Six leavers, finally got our long awaited results.
Natasha Muhoza
Natasha Muhoza

It’s been a short while since we, Senior Six leavers, finally got our long awaited results. Some of us feeling finally relieved, some feeling like the Rwanda Education Board should have sincerely stayed with them a little while longer, others, like if they had a chance, they would most probably shoot down whomever even thought of founding the idea of national exams or education itself. Well, somehow, the atmosphere can and has to accommodate all these different feelings. The bottom line is that we’ve finally finished that phase and it’s time for a new one, whether we’d been prepared for it or not!

While we look back and reflect on our journey through High School, what I have now become sure of is that you and I finally admit that very, and I mean VERY few days in our lives will ever beat our High School days! And at least personally I hold absolute testimony to that statement. This is why I for one, take much pride in thanking every force that was behind me during High School, molding me into an altogether brilliant person in the aspects they did through their guidance, support and even the often very uncomfortable correction; Especially to my parents and those of my close friends, my subject teachers and school caretakers, my New Times editors, my closest friends and classmates and of course, above all, my God… for being my source and overall motivation to keep on travelling that particular journey. Without you in the picture, I would have been much less than I am today… and as others congratulate me, I sincerely congratulate you. A BIG thank you to you! To the masses of fellow High School leavers, I
really hope you too take the time to appreciate these kind of people in your life because unlike you, many wish they had that someone.

Looking for a good university is definitely MORE work than I ever expected! I am sure a number of us can already bear witness to that. But as I’ve  previously written, anything valuable is gotten in return for a sacrifice, so it is in fact worth the struggle… don’t stop searching for the best opportunity! It is my hope also, that as we make choices about what courses we want to pursue and where we want to do that from, we make sure those choices are based completely on you, your strengths, passions, and where you see your own personal goals directed, not only minding what you want but more so, what you NEED; other than flowing with simply any influence that meets you. All I’m encouraging you to be is focused. If you aren’t yet, it’s ok but work towards getting focused and do it fast.

Mine is to wish all my fellow leavers a wonderful vacation, future education and career experience; in all aspects as we regard them important to us, and generally as we watch our whole life unfold before us. May you live to bless your world!


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