Would you watch R-rated movies with your parents?

Hell no! First of all, let’s break down what entails an “R” rated movie. “R” stands for “restricted” movies containing explicit, or overly detailed sexual content, violence, bad language or all the above combined. However, this kind is a lesser version of extremely violent or pornographic movies that are labeled XXX.
L-R:Ivan Mugisha, Rachel Garuka
L-R:Ivan Mugisha, Rachel Garuka

Hell no!

First of all, let’s break down what entails an “R” rated movie. “R” stands for “restricted” movies containing explicit, or overly detailed sexual content, violence, bad language or all the above combined. However, this kind is a lesser version of extremely violent or pornographic movies that are labeled XXX.

The “R” rated ones are easy to access and are the most selling worldwide, for reasons I assume we all know. Motion pictures like Sin City and Spartacus are too bloody and will most definitely raise your adrenaline.

However, silly and sexually explicit ones like American Pie and Havoc will not simply raise adrenaline but also give a man something called an erection! Yes, we all know what an erection is; it is not rocket science- young people prefer to call it a “hard on”.

Now for me to sit in the same room with my old folks and watch such a movie, surely something would be terribly wrong. I wouldn’t advise anybody to watch them in the company of any elder and most importantly, not in the company of parents.

Should an erotic scene grace the screen; a young man’s trousers will uncomfortably start to shoot up, building a tent-like structure. If God-forbid the boy is forced to stand up, say like, his mother sends him for a cup of coffee, this tent-like feature will be visible for all to see.

If this bulge is seen, which most definitely it would, the young man will suffer shame, ridicule and uttermost embarrassment from his unforgiving parent who will accuse him of being spoilt and entertaining “bad thoughts” that have taken control of his life.

To prevent all this, all young people must avoid watching movies with their parents; they should solicit for their own TV sets; if not, they should settle for animations or be contented with Mr. Bean whenever their parents are around.

OK! I agree that we live in a fast-paced society, things change in the blink of an eye, taking us a long with them, but on a serious note, why should we drop our ethics for just an explicit eye galore? Why should anyone trade their good manners for a simple exciting thrill that they could have saved for a better time and place?

Why would a daughter or a son disrespect their mother and father by choosing to switch to a movie with naked actors in it? I know sometimes it may come as a surprise; you’re probably watching TV and boom! A naked woman appears!

Surprise or not, individuals must get the courage to change the channel or walk out of the room. If they love the movie, they can watch it some other time with their friends when their parents are not around.

Certainly there are parents who make it difficult as well; they enjoy these R-rated movies so much that an uncomfortable youth will be scolded if he or she tries to switch to a different channel if a rated scene bursts onto the screen.

If there are parents like that, I suggest that the youth restrains from watching TV with them to avoid uncomfortable moments. Otherwise, parents must be realistic as well and understand that most of the youth do not feel morally upright when they watch “bad” movies with them.

We are all adults!

Do not question my sanity for it is 100% intact. You see, uncomfortable as it is, since the day my biology teacher opened my mind and fate had it that I should grow older; I can not run out of the room every time a good movie is coming on simply because it has a sex scene in it.

Like I said, the situation can be a bit awkward but as adults, we both know what is going on and neither one of us is going to be blinded by it. Some of the greatest movies all have tricky scenes but that is not my problem. It’s not like I’m out making these movies. I simply watch because there is no law that says I can’t. Hiding away or watching them when I’m alone sounds like something a porn addict would do.

Hypothetically, if I still live with my folks, am I doomed to watch Nickelodeon or the news literally all day because Movie Magic is showing Fata Attraction? What are we, 10? It’s a movie for Pete’s sake and there is nothing happening there that neither one of us is unaware of!

Do you remember when you were a ten-year-old kid watching a movie with your parents? You’re enjoying the movie and everything is going fine until suddenly your parents leap from their chairs to cover the TV screen, your eyes, or find the remote in order to fast-forward! This only helped develop curiosity on my part. I wanted to know (and let us be honest, every kid does) what that scene that almost cost me an eye was about!

Now as an adult, I get it because I know how uncomfortable it is when a kissing scene pops and some kid asks you what they are doing and why. No answer for sure except some very discomfited atmosphere.  As I got older the need to censor these things became less apparent and when I turned eighteen I was able to see an R-rated movie without having to worry about my mom jumping in front of the screen.

Gay scenes on the other hand are of a different nature. Brokeback Mountain or Black Swan are not movies you want to watch with your folks seated right next to you. You want awkward, that is it! But then the problem is that even movies you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about like Pretty Woman for instance still have a scene or two that will make some people shift uncomfortably in their chair or pray for a phone call!

We are adults for crying out loud; I am not committing any felony by watching Indecent Proposal with my mum nor am I corrupting my eyes before their rightful time to get corrupted comes along. Whether I watch it with her or not, the point remains I watched it so what then?

If the movie is R- rated, then it is suitable for us to watch. Even the movie itself says so. There is that voice that says, ‘this movie is not suitable for persons under 18.’ I’m pretty sure we are all above 18 so I am not doing anything wrong. Besides, music videos are not ant better so should we switch the TV off because a parent is in the room? Come on!

All those time my eyes were covered, all those times I was sent out of the room, all those times the channel was rudely changed, I can now sit comfortably without a care in the world. If parents feel uncomfortable then they are free to leave the room but I am not going anywhere!! Now is my time and I do not wish to spoil it for any reason.


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