Insights:Treat every customer as a VIP

We all like to be treated as if we are special. It makes us feel good.

We all like to be treated as if we are special. It makes us feel good.

You undoubtedly go out of your way to give the VIP treatment to ‘large’ customers or important prospects, but how about all the others?

Sometimes, a small account will eventually grow into a big customer. One of your buyers may move to a bigger company. Or a little customer may give you an important recommendation.

Since you can’t tell for sure which customers will do you the most good in the long run, why not treat them all first class? People like to do business with people who make them feel important. It’s as simple as that.

There are many opportunities in the course of a day to show people that you consider them important. One thing you can do every time you call is to greet clients with enthusiasm- to make them feel you’re glad to be there. Imagine how you would treat a customer if he were the president of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. Your attention would hang on his every word, wouldn’t it? You’d really listen to what he had to say. You’d show him you respect his opinions.

If you had an appointment with such a president, would you be late? Little things like being prompt, not overstaying your welcome – all these add up to make your client feel like a Very Important Person. If customers have an occasion to visit your plant or office, how do you treat them? Do you introduce them to the important people in your outfit? Do you roll out the red carpet?

People are influenced a great deal by their feelings. And there’s no better feeling than to know that someone considers you important. Do yourself a favor and give every one of your clients the VIP treatment.  


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