Let’s Talk Business: 5 New Year’s Financial Resolutions you should have taken

As you started this New Year, you should have taken a moment to pause and reflect on this definition of insanity:

As you started this New Year, you should have taken a moment to pause and reflect on this definition of insanity:

“To keep on doing the same things over and over and expect different results.”

We’ve all been guilty of this at times; we make the same types of decisions, and then we wonder, with a sense of bewilderment, how we end up in the same situation once again.

Make this year different!

Take the time to think about what you can do differently in 2012, so at this time next year, you will look back with a renewed sense of accomplishment and pride. Whatever you need to do, start now with these five New Year’s Financial Resolutions; small things that can help you make better, smarter financial decisions both for the coming year, and for the rest of your life.

New Year’s Financial Resolution #1 - Learn One New Thing About Investing This Year

Education is empowerment. As you learn more, you will naturally make better decisions. Empower yourself this year by learning something new. It helps if you concentrate your efforts in a certain direction, and therefore learn new things that focus your efforts.

New Year’s Financial Resolution #2 - Make Your Own Personal Financial Statement

Start the New Year with a clear understanding of where things stand. It doesn’t matter if you re in negatives, having more debts than assets. In fact, this will motivate you to turn this status around, and before you know it, you are in positives. Pretending that things are ok when they aren’t won’t help much. Go and make your own financial statement right now.

New Year’s Financial Resolution #3 - Spend Less And Save More

The temporary “feel good” that comes from spending isn’t nearly as satisfying as the solid sense of self-respect that comes from spending wisely. You can’t avoid spending, but by spending wisely, you can save more.

New Year’s Financial Resolution #4 - Invest In Yourself

Whether it be improving your career skill set, or upgrading your look, investing in yourself always pays off. Increase yourself value through study, travel, networking, etc. These small things will pay off, and will make you feel more confident and capable of dealing with your situation.

New Year’s Financial Resolution #5 - Find The Right Financial Advisor

This is a very important resolution. The wrong financial advice can sink you. Even if you prefer to do things yourself, the occasional check up from an advisor who charges hourly fees may provide you with some valuable tips. It’s difficult to know where to find the right person, or what questions to ask, but by doing a little study and research you will find that you know exactly who you are looking for.

Granted, it may take more than a year to get through all five resolutions above, so start with one. The important thing; it’s a new year - don’t make it just like the last one - unless of course the last one went just right.


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