Wearing your printed pants in style

About three years ago there was a style that not so many people liked, me included.

About three years ago there was a style that not so many people liked, me included.  This fashion faux pas then has now become such a big hit that every designer is making a mad rush into exhibiting their new collections of the printed pants in the fashion week in every major city. All the while the fashionistas are also trying to get noticed by wearing their printed pants in style.

Designers have come up with different and creative prints, from bold patterned pants with stripes, zigzags, flowers to animal prints, for their collections this spring and summer. Celebrities have also been spotted wearing them. I saw a picture of Zoe Saldana attending a function in a catchy floral printed pants ensemble and she looked very fresh and elegant; when worn right the printed pants have a way of making the wearer look sexy and edgy.

The inspiration of printed pants was hugely seen on the fashion runways three years ago in Paris when Dries Von Noten showed an eclectic mix and match of ethnic prints; the fashion show was such a success that he is noted to be one of the best designers to have come up with very creative printed pants. At the same time Balenciaga fashion house was not left behind either; theirs was all about street-chic, and they made prints of futuristic graphs on skinny jeans.                                              In Milan, Robert Cavalli was also there to showcase his combination of feminine and masculine silhouettes which included the silky printed pants with buttoned up blouses.

Other collections were from the house Etro who showcased high waisted pants covered in paisley prints paired with gypsy blouses and bandeau tops. This time round critics took note, and only three years down the road-the printed pants are back!

For the spring/summer collections the printed pants have made a huge come back. We love the boldness of the new printed pants, because this time they are coming in slouchy shapes and soft, silky fabrics. It is time to embrace these trousers which come in energetic stripes, zippy zigzags, and animal prints. I was very surprised when I saw two young girls at the UTC mall over the weekend wearing their animal printed pants; they looked so hot, nothing was out of place.

In as much as the big fashion houses are tying to bring out the bold prints in silky pants, I have seen some animal print on cotton pants which look very trendy as well. One can even make a bold print pant out of a kitenge material and it will look as good, for as long as it is not a wide legged pants- printed pants look better when they are skinny or form fitting.

There is also a trickier part when it comes to wearing printed pants and knowing which is best for you. For oversize women, small prints are more flattering. For petite figures big flowered prints are better. When pairing the bold printed pants simple solid colour tops is the way to go; these tops can be tank tops, buttoned up blouses, gypsy blouses and bandeau tops-or a matching blaser just the way Zoe Saldana matched her printed pants. When it comes to shoes, it all depends with the occasion; if it is a weekend out gladiator flat sandals are good to go more especially if the pants are animal print. If one is attending a function and the pants are flowered, then the best shoes will be high heeled.

Printed pants are back ladies, time to grab yours now and feel like a girl again!


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