Rachel’s Ramblings:Guys, sweet talk will take you places

Women who are liberated intimidate many men with all for the ‘equality’ thought lines.
Rachel Garuka
Rachel Garuka

Women who are liberated intimidate many men with all for the ‘equality’ thought lines.

This leaves men reluctant to show even the slightest chivalry, with no motivation to even sweet talk a girl once! But I don’t care how independent a woman is, they still want to hear those sweet nothings whispered to them.

There is this misconception that women are only into one thing – money – and what it can get them. Even the women living in the epitome of luxury with no love around them wish they had it. As the old saying goes, the best things in life are free; if you learn how to sweet talk a girl; your compliments could go a long way!

This is the kind of happiness that no amount of money can buy. Okay for sure love won’t put food on the table but that love will motivate both parties into striving harder for the well being of the relationship. So save some of your money and just use effective but really cheap techniques with sweet talk.

There are some simple words that most people under look and have no idea about; yet the weight that they carry is enormous. For example, the word ‘thank you!’ Most women want to feel appreciated and your girl is not an exception. It shouldn’t matter if she laid the bed or helped change a car tire; make her feel appreciated and important.

Some men hate the idea of the ‘mushy love stuff’ but sweet talk requires being cheesy and mushy. You could tell her that her uniqueness is one of a kind and that saying you are glad you met her is an understatement. I know it sounds like too much for some guys but you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain! If your message sounds heartfelt, she will for sure get all emotional on you so have no fear, it is a good thing.

Please note that sweet talk is not only limited to compliments. Women like to feel like their advice and opinions are needed and actually taken seriously. You can ask for her opinion about work related issues or even what shirt to purchase. But there is no point in asking for this advice if you know you are not going to use it. So maybe her taste in men’s wear is a little over the top, at least limit her to picking out a belt, tie or anything that is not going to scream for attention. Women want to feel appreciated not only for their bodies or material possessions but for their brilliant opinions too!

Every girl wants to get along with her in-laws no matter how hard it seems. Show your enthusiasm to introduce her to the family. Assuring her that the family will love her (if she hasn’t met them already), will surely score you some points. And even when she does finally meet them, regardless  of whether your mum promised to denounce you for bringing such a useless girl home, keep assuring her that all is well and then try to advise her not to get tempted to visit without you.

Sweet talking would not be complete without assuring her about her amazing beauty. I bet my life that there isn’t a girl on this planet who wouldn’t want to be complimented on her looks, even the most determined of tom-boys. Upon learning that you find her so attractive, she will open up more and maybe even stop crawling to the bathroom in the dark because she is too scared to switch the light on lest you spot some fat!

Pinpoint specific things to her that make her adorable. Have a list and then memorize it by heart but try to do it in the most natural manner possible and not like it came from some movie scene you are trying to remember or, as if you are getting them straight off the list. These personalized acknowledgements will definitely make her see you in a different light.

Be careful with backhanded compliments. For instance do not tell her that before you met her you only went for beautiful chicks but now you prefer brains. Much as she will like that you think she is smart, she will not appreciate the negative insinuation on her looks! Avoid anything that will put you in the hot seat later. That said, sweet talk has never been so easy, right?


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