Ideal interiors: Update your kitchen with modern appliances

Modern kitchen appliances are as much about design statements these days as they are about making everyday tasks easier.

Modern kitchen appliances are as much about design statements these days as they are about making everyday tasks easier. Having modern home appliances makes life so much easier in the kitchen and the home overall. Cooking is much easier and much faster these days; instead of doing everything manually, these appliances can get you a really good head start in finishing your cooking within a short time.

This is why having small home appliances brings major benefits in your home: they simply save you a lot of time that you'd otherwise had to spend on doing manually.


A microwave belongs in every kitchen. Most microwaves offer convenient features like programmed power and time for a wide variety of food types, defrost settings and other popular options. When you have a microwave in your kitchen, you don’t go waking up house helps in the middle of the night when you come in late from the office- it is a do it yourself gadget that anybody can operate it.


The easiest and most popular appliance is a high speed blender. My children enjoy it when I give them the chance of making the juices of their liking by blending all the fruits they want. These are good for making shakes, smoothies and soups within minutes.  
Raw food mixer

The best raw food juicer depends on what you expect to be juicing most. Carrots are easiest in a centrifuge juicer, whereas green leafy vegetables go best in a twin gear juicer. If you buy a centrifuge juicer, make sure you'll buy one where you can juice whole apples and carrots so no pre-cutting is needed- this can save you lots of time. Once in a week I detox by mixing all fruits and raw green vegetables together then eat nothing the whole day. If you love detoxing this is the right machine to mix all the detoxifying agents.

Water Purifier

This is a must have for homes with growing children, because most times the house helps forget to boil water, and it is more economical than buying bottled water every now and then.

Sandwich maker

This is my best appliance at home because of the love I have for sandwiches. The sandwich maker is a quick and easy way to make homemade toasted sandwiches with quality taste. A sandwich maker heats up quickly allowing people to easily toast their meal; it is also a great way to make learn how to make different types of sandwiches.

Food processors

A must-have kitchen appliance for anyone who loves cooking but does not have enough time for preparation work; no more chopping, juicing, grating, kneading, shredding, slicing, beating or whisking… the trusty food processor will do it all for you.

Coffee machine

No coffee lover’s kitchen is complete without this wonderful appliance. If you like your coffee frothy, invest in an espresso machine, or if a pint of the steaming black stuff is more your style, a filter coffee maker will do. This has always been a must have for me because I love taking coffee at night when am writing or watching CNN at midnight!

Kitchen appliances have come a long way and can improve the functionality of a standard kitchen. You would find it hard to find a kitchen that is not well equipped with these appliances now days. They make life easier for home owners and will continue to change in the future.


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