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Top ten shortest celebrity marriages Forget "till death do us part" — these celebrities couldn't even make it a year.
1. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander (55 hours)
1. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander (55 hours)

Top ten shortest celebrity marriages

Forget "till death do us part" — these celebrities couldn't even make it a year.

10. Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney

Length of marriage: 225 days

Renée Zellweger once thought Kenny Chesney's tractor was sexy. The pair, who wed in May 2005, tied the knot on the Caribbean island of St. John a mere four months after they met at a tsunami-relief event. But like their brief courtship, their marriage quickly ended — four months later, the pair announced plans for an annulment, with Zellweger citing "fraud" as the reason for the split. The fraud claim sparked rumours about Chesney's sexuality, which Zellweger assuaged by explaining that the term was "simply legal language and not a reflection of Kenny's character." It is the only marriage for either thus far
9. Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd

Length of marriage: 218 days

Years before her recent split with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez spent a brief seven months married to professional dancer and choreographer Cris Judd. The two met when Judd was hired to perform in her music video for "Love Don't Cost a Thing." (Wonder if Lopez is singing the same tune after three divorce settlements?) The pair got engaged only a few months after Lopez broke off her three-year relationship with Puff Daddy. Married in September 2001, the couple called it quits by June of the following year.

8. Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad "Nicky" Hilton

Length of marriage: 205 days

It was a match made in Hollywood heaven, which is why, of course, it could never last. Movie star Elizabeth Taylor and hotel magnate Conrad "Nicky" Hilton tied the knot on May 6, 1950, in a lavish ceremony that was the first, and perhaps the most traditional, of the starlet's eight weddings to seven husbands (she married Richard Burton twice). Taylor was only 18 when she said "I do" to 24-year-old Hilton, but after only 205 days of marriage — three months of which were spent cruising Europe on their honeymoon — it was obvious that their union lacked wedded bliss. In the divorce proceedings, Taylor charged Hilton with "extreme mental cruelty," telling the court that he had been "indifferent to me and used abusive language." While Taylor later admitted to LIFE magazine that her vision of marriage back then was "very naive," she refused Hilton's alimony and instead quickly moved on, putting her shortest marriage behind her.

7. Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

Length of marriage: 163 days

In 2000, Drew Barrymore and Tom Green enjoyed teasing the American public about their impending wedding date — even going as far as to stage a Saturday Night Live stunt to get the country clamouring for the real thing. But in the end, the Hollywood couple enjoyed the thought of marriage much more than the action. Their yearlong engagement far outlasted the couple's nuptials, and the July 2001 wedding was quickly followed by Christmas divorce papers. But Barrymore, who first starred in E.T. at the age of 6 and was in rehab by 13, was used to a blustery, fast-paced life. Her marriage to Green wasn't even her shortest: in 1994, the 19-year-old Barrymore married bartender Jeremy Thomas after dating for just six weeks, which coincidentally was the same length as their marriage.

6. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

Length of marriage: 122 days

One would think that a booze-filled wedding on a yacht in St.-Tropez would be the secret to lasting happiness, but Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock proved that despite their tropical nuptials, marriage isn't always smooth sailing. After an on-and-off romance from 2001 to '03, the couple rekindled their relationship in early July 2006. A few weeks later, they married in true rock-star style with Anderson in a white string bikini and Rock in a white T-shirt and baseball cap. But the whirlwind marriage came to a screeching halt in November 2006, when Rock and Anderson literally raced each other to the courthouse to file divorce papers. He beat her to it by 53 minutes.

5. Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley

Length of marriage: 107 days

The King of Rock 'n' Roll's only daughter met Hollywood heavyweight Nicolas Cage at Johnny Ramone's birthday party in 2000, sparking a romance that just couldn't be sedated, despite its on-again, off-again status over the next two years. Those pesky break-up rumours were shattered, however, when the couple married in a lavish Hawaii ceremony in August 2002. But by November, lovey-dovey headlines had soured, and Cage slapped Presley with divorce papers, noting that they "shouldn't have been married in the first place." For her part, Presley was no stranger to being unlucky in love. The King's kid notched up her third divorce upon splitting with Cage. Her second marriage was infamously to Michael Jackson in a whirlwind ceremony that came hot on the heels of — just 20 days after — her first divorce. It too was a flameout marriage that lasted 20 months.

4. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Length of marriage: 72 days

A mere 72 days after their much hyped and overpriced nuptials, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her NBA-player husband Kris Humphries. The couple, who dated for six months prior to getting engaged, chronicled their rocky courtship on the E! show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and their dramatic wedding in a two-day special, Kim's Fairytale Wedding. The wedding may have been a fairy tale, but it appears the marriage was not.

3. Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Length of marriage: 18 days

Baby-faced Saved by the Bell star Mario Lopez married model and actress Ali Landry in April 2004, but the marriage ended before the honeymoon could even begin. The couple annulled their union after only two weeks, when Landry discovered that Lopez had been unfaithful throughout their nearly six-year courtship. Both have since moved on and have children with their respective partners.

2. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra

Length of marriage: Nine days

Much like his eye-catching fashion choices, when Rodman married Baywatch beauty Carmen Electra in a 7 a.m. Las Vegas ceremony in 1998, the news turned a few heads. His publicist questioned the legality of the marriage, saying Rodman may have been "deeply intoxicated" at the time. For their part, the couple said their love was legit — until nine days later, when they filed for an annulment. The marriage officially ended six months later. Reflecting on the quickie wedding, Electra told People, "It's easy to get caught up in a moment. You think it's romantic, but then you realize, 'God, we did it in Vegas?' It's like getting a cheeseburger at a fast-food restaurant."

1. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander

Length of marriage: 55 hours

After a public break-up with Pop Charming, 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake, Spears' first highly public mishap was her 2004 marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas, a "till death do us part" that lasted all of 55 hours. Both Spears and Alexander claim the spirit of Sin City led them to the aisle of the Little White Wedding Chapel, but darker versions of an ecstasy-fuelled bender trickled out no matter how much Spears' family or record label attempted to laugh the "incident" off. The marriage was annulled, but it would mark the beginning of one of the greatest falls from grace in pop history.


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