Fashion & Style: Get that celeb look with Sunglasses

Have you ever entered a hotel or a bar late in the evening and found a cute lady or a hunk wearing sunshades?  No? Well, I have. Not once, not even twice.
Hamza Nkuutu
Hamza Nkuutu

Have you ever entered a hotel or a bar late in the evening and found a cute lady or a hunk wearing sunshades?  No? Well, I have. Not once, not even twice. You know what happens?   You get embarrassed, yes; you the one who notices how stupid they look.

Sunshades or Sunglasses help you in two ways. They filter light and protect your eyes from damaging ultra-violet rays (UV). Since you don’t want to go out on a hot sunny day without your sun shades on, choosing the ideal pair is important. Whether you are planning to wear them for protection against the powerful sun rays or to make a great impression at the beach, you ought to pick a pair that suits your style.

First thing you need to keep in mind is that the sunshades’ size ought to be in proportion with the face size.

Second, the frame shape needs to be the opposite of the shape of your face to balance your appearance.

Third, you need to choose the shape for your face:

If you have a round-shaped face look for sun shades with brow bars, wider frames with angular or

rectangular styles which will elongate your face.

In case you have an oval formed face, you are blessed because most sunshade styles go with this shape so go ahead and experiment.

Ladies you must pay extra attention to your complexion and hair length, shape and colour when you pick the

ideal pair of sunshades. In case you have short hair, pick geometric frames, bold colours and designs and decorative styles.

If you have long hair, make sure you try on the sun shades with both your hair up and down. For curly hair, classic frames are the best choice.

For a fair complexion, pick frames in light colours, avoid darker versions. Dark complexions look fabulous in metallic frames. In this case, it is best to keep away from black frames.

The good news is that today you can find a good designer sun shades that will protect your eyes at affordable prices in almost all Kigali shops.

But just because you have bought that designer sunshade, it doesn’t mean you have to wear them everywhere.

There are some places and times when it’s just wrong to wear shades; unless you happen to be a world famous star (they tend to go away with it).

There are the odd times when you’ll be allowed such a social mistake, like if you’re ill and you have a bad headache or having a mega hangover! With an excuse like this, go ahead and don them but still it won’t stop you from looking a little bit stupid.

Otherwise, whenever you step in a bar, nightclub, restaurant, office, just get them off. Or, in short, if
you can’t see the sun, you don’t need to wear those sunglasses you’re so fond of. Just do yourself a favour and wait till you are outside and in the sun, like a normal person would.

Lastly, when you buy your sunglasses, look for a label that tells you how much UV radiation the lenses of the sunglasses reflect. Experts say that your sunglasses should block 99-100% of both UVA and UVB rays.


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