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Welcome to the festive season, we are left with only with 6 days to rejoice the birth of baby Jesus (Christmas day).

Welcome to the festive season, we are left with only with 6 days to rejoice the birth of baby Jesus (Christmas day).

Dear children have you already requested daddy or mummy to take you to out to one of your favourite places to have fun with friends or not yet.

In the today’s interview I am with one of your friends, he has at least visited one of his favourite places in Kicukiro district. He is going to tell us his experience around the place.

Chaka: Hi young girl how are you?

Alice: I am fine.

Chaka: What is the name of this beautiful place?

Alice: It is called Bambino

Chaka: Thanks, What have you come to do?

Alice: I came to attend a Christmas Party

Chaka: Wow..! That sounds good, what have you liked in the place?

Alice: I have liked the playing materials.

Chaka: Are they nice?

Alice: Yes…..!

Chaka: Which one have you liked most?

Alice: I have liked the moving toys.

Chaka: Have you driven any?

Alice: No… but I have got chance to sit on them.

Chaka: Why?

Alice: They were not connected to electricity so I could not drive them.

Chaka: Very sorry. Is there any game you have enjoyed apart from the moving the toys?

Alice: Yes.

Chaka: Which game is that?

Alice: Swinging on the swing.

Chaka: Beautiful, have you noticed some other interesting playing machines around?

Alice: Yes…

Chaka: Where, can you direct me since am here with you?

Alice: They are on the right side of this field.

Chaka: Did you have chance to drive them?

Alice: No.

Chaka: Why?

Alice: They were locked.

Chaka: Very, very sorry, hope that the next time you come back they will be operating.


After the conversation I also had chance to ask one of the managers of Bambino. She explained that the reason why these machines are not operating at the moment is because they are not in good condition for the children to use. They need to be repaired by a technician and that is what they are waiting for.

Dear Alice and other children who have visited the place and found the same problem, keep on praying God to send the technician as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the best times in the place.



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