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When one sits down patiently and has a discussion with a child, he or she gets to know and understand the mind of that child. Children are little angles with a clean mind.

When one sits down patiently and has a discussion with a child, he or she gets to know and understand the mind of that child. Children are little angles with a clean mind.

They are good at expressing the selves with no strings attached; their words always bring out their innocence. In today’s discussion, I am with Kessy; Kessy is in a Francophone section but can also speak English. Read on and know more about her.

Chaka: How are you Kessy?

Kessy: (Gives me a big hug and says I am fine).

Chaka: Remind me about your other name Kessy?

Kessy: Can I write it down.

Chaka: Okay, you can write it here in my note book.

Kessy: (Writes down her second name Schekinah).

Chaka: How old are you?

Kessy: I am 7 years old.

Chaka: In which class are you?

Kessy: I am in P.1.

Chaka: Who is your class teacher?

Kessy: My class teacher is called Teacher Theo.

Chaka: Can you please tell me the things she teaches you?

Kessy: Exercise and home work of test.

Chaka: So……..interesting. Exercise and home work of test! Ha! Ha!

Kessy: (Laughs too….)

Chaka: Who are your best friends in class and why?

Kessy: My best friends in class are Patience and Gladice; I like them because they are disciplined. They always say sorry when they wronged someone. If beaten they do not fight, they always report you to the teacher.

Chaka: Kessy, what was your best moment this term?

Kessy: My best moment this term was the trip to Akagera National Park.

Chaka: What excited you while in the Akagera National Park?

Kessy: I like watching the Giraffes, Hippopotamus, Zebra and the Antelope.

Chaka: Did you have chance to touch them?

Kessy: No... I remained in the car?

Chaka: Why.

Kessy: Our teachers told us that when we go out of the car, animals can eat us.

Chaka: What else did you enjoy while on your trip?

Kessy: I enjoyed swimming.

Chaka: Good …. Do you know how to swim?

Kessy: Yes, I know how to swim.

Chaka: Where did you learn swimming from?

Kessy: I leant swimming at Alpha Place Remera.

Chaka: Do you always go to Alpha Place to swim?

Kessy: Yes.

Chaka: When do you go there for swimming?

Kessy: I go there normally on Saturdays and Sundays.

Chaka: What are your favourite games?

Kessy: My favourite games are seek and hide and playing with my dolls.

Chaka: How many dolls do you have?

Kessy: I have three dolls.

Chaka: Do they have names; if yes can you tell me their names?

Kessy: The first one is Mickey, the second is Pampa and the last one is Cedrick.

Chaka: Kessy, can you please tell me their ages?

Kessy: Mickey is 5 years, Pampa 3 years and Cedrick zero months.

Chaka: laughs………………………Cedrick Zero months! That is so interesting. Which doll do you like best?

Kessy: I like all of them all, I call them my sons.

Chaka: Who gave them to you?

Kessy: Mercy, a good friend gave me Mickey, a friend to mum gave me Cedrick and Pampa is a birthday gift.

Chaka: Which message can you give them?

Kessy: I thank them so much, May God bless them a lot.

Chaka: Tell me your best dish, drink and fruits.

Kessy: My best dish is rice, meat and beans. My best drink is water and apple juice while my best fruits are sweet bananas, apples and pineapples.

Chaka: Thank you very much Kessy, you are a good girl.


I think you have followed the conversation with Kessy. She is interesting to talk to. Dear Kessy, May you live to grow wiser and God fearing.  We wish you the best.                 



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