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On September 11-12, Primary school pupils sat for their mock exams, Frank Karuganda, 12, is one of the candidates.

On September 11-12, Primary school pupils sat for their mock exams, Frank Karuganda, 12, is one of the candidates.

Frank today tells us his expectations in the national exams which are yet to be done on October 14, 2007.

Chaka: You look the youngest of all the candidates, is it true?

Frank: No, I am not the youngest, there’s someone called Precious. She is 11 years. I am one year older than her.

Chaka: Okay that is interesting, if you don’t mind could you please introduce your self to our readers.

Frank: My name is Frank Karuganda I am 12 years old in primary six. I go to Good Foundation School.

Chaka: When did you start school?

Frank: I started school when I was 4 years old.

Chaka: Where did you attend your nursery?

Frank:  I attended my nursery school at APADE Primary School.

Chaka: Recently, you sat for your mock exams, how did you find them?

Frank: The mocks were fair.

Chaka: Tell me, I know some subjects were hard, which subjects did you find hard?

Frank: For sure I found English a little bit hard.

Chaka: Are you in the Francophone class?

Frank: Yes…………

Chaka: Since English is a challenge, what are doing about it?

Frank:  I have made my own reading time table; I always revise from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. I am putting much emphasis on English.

Chaka: That is very good………….Immediately after saying that Frank becomes Weak, what is wrong Frank…………….!

Frank: I feel stomach ache, I feel like throwing up.

Chaka: Frank what could you like some juice.

Frank: Yes……I like mango juice.

Frank: I am suffering from Typhoid, it begun immediately when I had finished my mocks.

Chaka: I am so sorry…..……..! Are you on medication?

Frank:  Yes….. My mother took me to a doctor. I have some tablets that I am taking.

Chaka: Don’t you feel weak when you take these tablets?

Frank:  Yes, some tablets used to make me weak but I completed them.

Chaka: I can see you are still weak, how do you manage studying while on medication.

Frank: I was given permission to study half a day.

Chaka: What type of dish and drink do you prefer to strengthen your body?

Frank: My best dish is rice, meat, cakes, mango juice and yogurt.

Chaka: Do you any fear for the national exam.

Frank: No...I am so confident, if I can do well in mocks, then I am able to perform well in the national exams.

Chaka: If it is not a secret, tell me how you performed in mocks?

Frank: Maths I got, 92%, General Paper (G.P) 77%, Kinyarwanda 27 out of 34, and French 26 out of 33 and English 19 out of 33.

Chaka: Wow! Those are good marks franks but there is still room for you to perform better.

Chaka: Which message can you give to your fellow candidates?

Frank: They should read hard as they trust in God for bigger miracles.


Frank, I am so impressed with your courage.

It is my prayer that you get the quickest recovery. On the behalf of the Children’s Times team, we would like to wish you success in your coming National exams. Despite of the sickness may you walk fly excellent marks.                     



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