We honour our departed by eradicating the barbarity of their time

Surprise, surprise! This was my first reaction on seeing destitute-looking boys hanging precariously on a moving freight trailer at the Giporoso junction, here in Kigali, the other day.

Why the Genocide against the Tutsi should steer global conscience

A Member of Parliament for north Devon in the British House of Commons once got to his feet to ask the UK Foreign Minister on an urgent issue.

EDITORIAL: Improved law on whistleblowers will boost the fight against corruption

The Cabinet has approved a draft law relating to the protection of whistleblowers, which the Ministry of Justice says will help cover the loopholes in the old legislation.

Kwibuka and Rwanda’s story a rebuke to forces of darkness

Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi is always a period filled with poignant memories, strong emotions and deep reflection – about the senseless loss of human life and the...

EDITORIAL: Genocide reparation defaulters should be given a deadline to pay up

Local Government minister Francis Kaboneka has urged persons required to pay reparations to survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi to fulfill their end of the bargain. Kaboneka was...

Understanding the crime of genocide

One of the most distinctive hallmarks of the crime of genocide compared to other international crimes is the "special intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic,...

EDITORIAL: Teach the young generation about the history of Genocide against the Tutsi

Rwanda is one of the countries with darkest histories globally. Ours is a history littered with chapters that are so difficult to comprehend, let alone reckoning with. And, it becomes...

Twenty Three Aprils later, dark hearts still linger

A dark heart roamed Zuuba village, Kigarama Sector in Kicukiro District. Deep in the night, an ogre waited for the entire village to go to bed before setting out to...

Kwibuka23: Lessons from Rwanda

Even for those who were not in Rwanda in the early days of April 1994 each year brings a sense of how the mood was 23 years ago.

Europe's reform opportunity

The eurozone crisis is far less dangerous now than during its peak years of 2010-2013. Growth has picked up across the European Union, and five million jobs were created between...

Kwibuka23: Why we must remember

To live in Rwanda after July 1994 meant to live with the consequences of genocide.

Kwibuka23: A call for EAC leaders' political responsibility

As Rwanda commemorates the Genocide against the Tutsi (Kwibuka23), the Committee of the Intelligence and Security Services (CISSA) conference has just ended in Khartoum, Sudan.

End impunity for 1994 Genocide perpetrators and their accomplices

Dozens of Rwandan key Genocide perpetrators continue to live in Europe, particularly in France. Too often they live with total impunity, without being troubled by justice.

[Editorial] Genocide should not be trivialised or buried in the tomb of indifference

As Rwanda continues on its path to healing and consolidating its people’s unity, some people with nefarious agendas are working tooth and nail to derail it.

Kwibuka23: It is our history, let’s continue to learn from it

The events of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi cannot, and should not, be consigned to history. This is not just because the remembrance period presents us with an opportunity...

Archbishop Perraudin: The "Man of God" who planted seeds of hate as a Christian charity

In 1960, Pope John XXIII issued a moving statement of contrition: “The mark of Cain is stamped upon our foreheads. Across the centuries, our brother Abel has lain in blood...

EDITORIAL: Revisionists will not deter Rwandans from their quest for recovery

Today we are commemorating, for the 23rd time, the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. It will also be the beginning of 100 days of mourning and remembering our loved ones.

Branding Kigali city through culture

As cities compete on an international scale to attract visitors, investors, talented people and inhabitants, city branding is gaining much more interest and increasingly becoming the fashion that each city...

EDITORIAL: Bring culprits of hate crimes to book

On Tuesday, Rwandans woke up to shocking news of cruelty meted out on at least three helpless cows belonging to Genocide survivors in different parts of the country. The attackers...

Will nuclear history repeat itself in Korea?

As Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first summit with US President Donald Trump takes place at Trump’s luxurious Florida estate Mar-a-Lago, at least part of the discussion will invariably focus on...

Growing out of populism?

After nine dreary years of downgrading their GDP forecasts, macroeconomic policymakers around the world are shaking their heads in disbelief: Despite a populist-propelled wave of political tumult, global growth is...

Diversifying and transforming Rwanda’s financial services sector

Financial services organisations are a significant driver of growth in Rwanda. Rising financial inclusion – powered by innovation – is contributing directly to growth prospects for the country.

EDITORIAL: Give forex bureaus grace period before enforcing new rules

The central bank last week announced a new regulatory framework guiding foreign exchange operations in the country. According to the revised framework, the minimum operating capital was raised to Rwf50...

The truth about NAFTA

As US President Donald Trump receives bids to build his supposed “beautiful wall” along the border with Mexico, his administration is also poised to build some figurative walls with America’s...