The rains are back with the same lessons from past years

On Saturday, I woke up to what I initially thought was a joke. I found that my friends had responded to a Facebook provision that made it clear that they...

Editorial: A free trade area is a chance in a lifetime

The preliminary meetings of the Extraordinary Summit of the African Union began in Kigali yesterday with a meeting of permanent representatives.

We must not tolerate hate speech

“Incitement and hate speech is a serious crime and this country knows the dark side of hate speech and the consequences we still feel to this day.”

Democracy in Africa: There is reason for optimism

It has been an eventful few days in Africa this past week.

Laxity in construction sector regulation is unacceptable

Two people died and sixteen others sustained serious injuries when a church under construction in Muhanga District caved in last week.

We could do better not to fail children

Eight years ago, a Norwegian comedian and father of two daughters set out to understand why, despite his country’s high level of gender equality, studies kept showing girls and women...

Rethinking media business strategies in the internet age

Believe it or not, the media business landscape across the world has and continues to rapidly change, and businesses whose managers are so skeptical to new changes risk complete collapse....

Editorial: Imihigo’s new approach will ensure tangible results are realised

During the last national leadership retreat, President Paul Kagame castigated leaders who hardly interact with those they lead and prefer to conduct their business from the comfort of their offices.

The promise of telemedicine

In developing countries, insufficient access to quality medical care undermines health outcomes and disadvantages entire generations. But as the successful implementation of a national telemedicine program in Ghana shows, well-planned...

The gender issue: Beyond a moral imperative

We are living in a society where each person has to strive for their own sustenance. As much as our destiny and very existence is intertwined and interrelated, it is...

Black Panther: Africans can project no limits to their potential

My friend who’d bought a ticket to go see Black Panther was told by her sneaky 12 year old that the film was about a comic superhero. She gave him...

[Editorial] Streamlining education sector needs clear headedness

It has been reported that more than 30 teachers have resigned in Nyagatare District since the beginning of this month. That itself would not be of significant value as the...

India's war on science

For India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, religion is not a matter of personal belief, but a key feature of traditional identity politics and crucial to maintaining social order, ensuring discipline...

The sexual harassment reckoning

The #MeToo movement has put increasing pressure on men in power at least to acknowledge the added obstacles women face, from workplace harassment to a persistent pay gap. But acknowledgement...

Using debt to build wealth

While majority often equate debt free status to financial health, the same may not hold true. Experience has shown that most people who spend most of their lives striving to...

[Editorial] Going paperless a mark of efficiency

On the day Rwanda Governance Board released its 2017 Citizen Report Card that gauges citizen satisfaction, especially in service delivery, the government announced that it was a step ahead.

Can current individual countries' political tectonic shifts deliver?

Some of us heaved a sigh of relief when Robert G. Mugabe went with a whimper and not a bang. He was past his sell-by date and there are so...

[Editorial] Belgian lawmakers have finally read through Genocide deniers' game

Last week, in these very pages, we wrote about a group of Rwandan exiles who were attempting to influence the Belgian government.

The economic message from equity markets

Everyone – not just those who hold stocks – should be concerned about a major stock-market plunge. While it is impossible to predict such a plunge, or whether it will...

The financial roots of the eurozone surplus

Recently released data show that in 2017, the total current-account surplus for the 19 countries of the eurozone reached a record high. But while many commentators are now predictably calling...

Achieving zero hunger and malnutrition calls for renewed optimism

An African proverb says that “wisdom is like a baobab tree — no one individual can embrace it.”

Digital tech's role in Africa transformation

The World Bank’s 2018 Global Economic Prospects reports that four out of the ten fastest growing economies in the world are African.

With golf, our tourism can actually tee off to better greens

If you are reading this allow me to start by declaring that I find the game of golf to be very boring and also hard to understand. This may not...

From the “glassful” of yore, Rwanda is a busy-bee, welcome-all house

“Rwanda is like a glass full of water. One single drop and the glass will overflow.” You remember the author of that infamous statement, made in all seriousness.