The truths about Rwanda – A New York experience

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to attend the World Values Network Award Ceremony in New York City where President Paul Kagame was awarded that organisation’s highest honor. President...

Why you should exercise your right to vote

On August 3 and 4 eligible Rwandans in the diaspora and those within the country will cast their votes for the president. Voting will be a nationwide exercise which is...

EDITORIAL: The youth must take the lead in job creation

Rwanda is seeking to create 200,000 jobs annually, but the latest Integrated Household Living Conditions Survey report estimates that about 146,000 off-farm jobs are created annually since 2011.

Short powerful messages from Jack Ma to the youth

The atmosphere (sounds better than climate) around Kigali and other areas is currently more of a celebratory one far from what others may want you to believe. The campaigns for...

EDITORIAL: Open visa policies come with more advantages

In the just-concluded YouthConnekt Summit held in Kigali, President Paul Kagame returned to a subject that is dear to his heart; the visa bottleneck that is hindering African integration.

Why the net neutrality uproar in the US should interest us

The uproar about the possible rollback of net neutrality rules by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) seems not to have as much as raised ripple of interest locally. Perhaps...

EDITORIAL: Local leaders should lead by example during election period

Police have announced the arrest of several local leaders for flouting electoral laws. That some people tend to break the rules during election time is to be expected, there is...

View of Rwanda as espoused by The Economist smirks of neo-colonialism

It looks like right has suddenly become wrong and wrong is the new right if one is to go by the recent editorial opinion by The Economist regarding life in...

2017 elections: Rwandans read from the same page but!

The first week of campaigning was as successful as emotional to many Rwandans, especially those attending President Kagame’s campaign rallies (tens of thousands of them at each rally).

Editorial: Promoting inmates' rights will facilitate their reformation

Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS) Tuesday joined the international community to celebrate the Nelson Mandela Day 2017. The day, also known as Mandela Prisoner Rights Day, recognises the fundamental rights of...

Why RPF-Inkotanyi is not a political party but a family

The question has to be asked. Why is the Rwandese Patriotic Front-Inkotanyi so successful? How is it that a revolutionary Front forged in the crucible of a violent struggle for...

Capitalising on Africa's youth dividend

TORONTO – When South African university students took to the streets in 2016 as part of the “Fees Must Fall” protest movement, the “decolonization of the curriculum” was among the...

A "Macroneconomic" revolution?

LONDON – Next month will mark the tenth anniversary of the global financial crisis, which began on August 9, 2007, when Banque National de Paris announced that the value of...

Editorial: The youth have the power to make a difference

The first edition of the YouthConnekt Africa Summit is underway and it will bring together over 2,500 delegates.

Rights defending tricksters in the grip of a malingering electoral fever

They are back, guns blazing, those champion rights-abuser busters! Those fellows that never tire in their fight for the defence of our rights, whenever a big event is here!

Learning from Malaria

It is one of the best untold stories in the annals of development: great strides have been made against malaria, a disease that was once endemic across the world and,...

The quiet demise of austerity

It has been several years since policymakers seriously discussed the merits of fiscal austerity.

Editorial: Customer care crucial in promoting Rwanda as a MICE destination of choice

A new initiative that aims at supporting ongoing efforts to improve customer service in the country has been unveiled.

Rwandans celebrate decades of gains at campaign rallies

It is once again election time. Rwandans go to the polls on August 4 to elect their president for the next seven years. In this country that means celebration; it...

What makes a good leader in Rwanda?

During my early childhood, I was taught that children should obey their elders and elders should respect and protect their younger subordinates.

Why do cities become unaffordable?


NEW HAVEN – Inequality is usually measured by comparing incomes across households within a country. But there is also a different kind of inequality: in the affordability of homes across...

Editorial: Traders should exploit the business side of presidential campaigns

The presidential campaigns kicked off last week as the three candidates embarked on the grueling journey of traversing the country to solicit for votes.

Why large crowds instil a climate of fear

A story is told about Ahmed Sekou Toure. In the lead up to independence in West Africa, the countries under French colonial rule were placed under referendum to decide whether...

Post-genocide Rwanda has put bar high for political aspirants

On August 3 and 4, Rwandans will go to the polls to elect their President. Barring a black swan, the Rwanda Patriotic Front candidate, President Paul Kagame, backed by the...

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