TEDx Kacyiru to shape youth through inspirational tales


For a long time, ardent followers of the TED talks in Kigali have been following the livestream videos on its website and Youtube. The first TEDx event, that took place...

How Mbabazi intends to empower women using head wraps


Last week, 23 year-old Yvette Mbabazi, launched her new brand Icyeza. Dubbed ‘Wrap it up’ the event brought together over 40 women to learn the basics of headwraps, the different...

Flies to go!

You didn’t misread and I certainly didn’t misspell. I’ll explain. One cold evening, I decided to have a cup of coffee at a new Café I hadn’t tried before. The...

Afrofuturism in African settings

You’ve probably watched or heard about Black Panther; the movie that is not only raking in millions of dollars, but reimagines the black experience unburdened and untarnished by colonialism.

Those who love you tell you the truth

I was seated in a banking hall on Wednesday afternoon and in walked two women. One of them had applied too much makeup and as a consequence, her face was...

What are some of the good practices in Rwanda that could be replicated in other countries?

People who visit Rwanda are instantly impressed by how clean and well-organised it is. However, the country has very many impressive practices and attributes from which other countries could stand...

How to overcome envy and jealousy


If you are the kind of person that feels unhappy when others have acquired what you don’t have, that is a sign of jealousy and envy. God never blesses a...

Who are your people?

In Luke 8:20-21, Jesus is giving a sermon when he is told that his mother and brothers are outside, wanting to see him. He replies: “My mother and brothers are...

Ban on Second hand clothing: A good thing or a bad thing?

In 2016, the East African heads of State agreed to implement a ban on second clothing items in an effort to boost growth in the textile and leather industries within...

Tumusabe: Rwanda's only female comedian wants women to join the industry


Her passion for comedy and immense admiration for renowned Ugandan comedian Ann Kansiime pushed her into the industry. 23 year- old Nakato Phrister Tumusabe has defied odds by joining the...

What can't you do without?

It’s Lent and while I’m not exactly observing it, I’m taking this time to cut back on certain things and in a month or so, I hope my life will...

24 year-old Nsanzu and his love for the super-bike


Many people wonder what it is like to ride on a monster bike that does not look like they guarantee safety. The feeling is something that can’t be explained until...

Dress code: Does it matter what you wear to work?


On a Monday morning, he walks into office clad in a sleeveless shirt, distressed jeans and sneakers. His colleagues give him ‘the look’ but he doesn’t notice. He goes about...

Legit ways to make money online


Technology’s ever-pervading permeation into every last fibre and morsel of society has caused a dramatic upheaval in the way we live, work and entertain ourselves.



US-based Rwandan musician The Ben has enjoyed a fruitful career. Great things have happened for the artiste including sealing deals with telecom companies and staging mega concerts.

Unique local outfits at C&H fashion show


Chinese-owned C&H garment factory is proving to be one of the leading textile factories in Rwanda, if the impressive outfits showcased at its fashion show held on Wednesday at the...

KWEZI AND I...African then and now

Last weekend, Kwezi came rushing by my bedside waving her swimming costume and talking very fast. From what I could make of her conversation, she wanted me to get out...

Meet Jackie Lumbasi: Rwanda’s newest radio presenter


At the beginning of this month, Twitter was awash with a huge welcome from Rwandans for the new English show dubbed Kigali in the Morning, hosted by Arnold Kwizera and...

Cynthia Butare on her journey into filmmaking


Cynthia Butare’s passionate interest in media production led her to studying and graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media and Communications and an MA in Documentary Practice.

What women really want

I’ll cut to the chase since we’re often accused of beating about the bush and not speaking up for ourselves, so here goes.

My quarrel with the new breed of believers

The God of unearned wealth. The God of undeserved employment opportunities. The Genie God who gives you anything if you rub him the right way by parting with some of...

When churches turn into temples of greed


On a Wednesday morning, we set out for a church service at a local house of worship in Masoro, a Kigali suburb.

Meghan Markle officially baptised in private ceremony


Meghan Markle is confirmed in the Church of England.