Ashimwe defies odds to shine at Kigali Vibrates with Poetry


On the evening of Saturday April 29th, Ange Theonastine Ashimwe made her maiden appearance on a poetry stage. The occasion was the 7th edition of the monthly poetry forum, Kigali...

Dybdal on improving fitness in Rwanda


Dennis Dybdal is one of the founders and the Managing Director of Waka Fitness. He is also the brains behind the recent Waka Warrior Race, a fitness race which involves...

What my mother taught me

None of us would be here without our Mums and for those of you in position to do so, please take a moment to show your mothers some love.

The roses and thorns in Rwanda’s budding poetry industry


There is a poet in every one! The poetic instincts manifest in every one at some point in life. It could be that love poem you received or sent a...

Mother’s Day: What values did you pick from mum?


They say there’s nothing like a mother’s love. It knows no law, no grudge; it can even crush down remorselessly anything that stands in its path. A mother loves fiercely...



Jay Polly in blackmail scare* Ciney welcomed in fiancé’s church* Asinah and Neg G fall out* Shaddy Boo and AY dating rumours escalate* I’m not Mako Nikoshwa’s ‘baby-mama,’ just a...

Where to unwind after Transform Africa Summit


As the Transform Africa Summit (TAS) comes to an end, we recommend some of the country’s most interesting places and activities-from cool bars to great eateries and historic monuments.

Mukama 'Sadu Vybz' on his passion for graphic design


As an Art and Graphic Designer, Mukama S Damaur shares an intimate relationship with the local music industry. So much so that many people have actually come to believe he...

'Pikiwash' an ecofriendly way of cleaning motorcycles


We did a survey at the beginning of the project, this showed us that it takes about 2-3 hours to wash a motorcycle, yet in that same time frame a...

Let’s talk cars

First things first, and the first thing in question is that I’m no motorist, so do not get it twisted.

Speak for yourself

I do not read self-help books. Ten rules for finding happiness. The ultimate path to success. How to keep your man from straying.

Benefits we could all use

Seeing as we just celebrated Labour Day, I feel like employers need to do more to make life easier for their employees beyond just giving us a day off on...

Inside the 'flying life' of an air hostess


They are easy on the eye, have gorgeous smiles and an aura that leaves people agape long after they’ve passed by. It must be exciting to fly around the world...