Rules of dining

There is a correct way to eat meat, so why go about it the wrong way? In Africa, we attach a different kind of importance to meat and so the...

Men should borrow a leaf from Jesus

During lent season, I took time to fast and earnestly pray for a man. A good man. A good Christian man. I have heard that Christian men are likely to...

Customer care is dead

So I’m sitting here watching a video of a 69 year old man who has since been identified as Dr David Dao getting dragged off a plane like a criminal.

If Jesus were to choose disciples today, who would make the list?


Fishermen and the activity of fishing feature prominently in Jesus’ gospel and in Christianity. One of Jesus’ greatest miracles –that of feeding the 5,000 men, involved two fish and five...

Easter celebrations: Where did the excitement go?

Holidays, feasts and fasts are a significant part of Christian religious practice. And some Christian holidays have come to have a considerable impact on culture and tradition.

Nyama choma at the Royal Car Wash


Believe it or not, The Royal Car Wash, or simply Car Wash, is one of the better known spots in Kigali. The knowledge of this place goes beyond the borders...

Floriane Kaneza on the just concluded Mashariki African Film Festival


Floriane Kaneza is the Director of the Mashariki African Film Festival, whose third edition concluded in Kigali on March 31. The closing ceremony at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village...

Zen Oriental Restaurant: The ideal choice for oriental cuisine


Driving into Zen, one automatically gets the impression that the colonial behemoth of a house that greets you houses the Zen restaurant kitchen and dining facilities.