Meet Tushabe, a passionate saxophonist


Many instrumentalists and instrument lovers will agree that the saxophonists are not quite as popular and the number of saxophonists in this country are not that many.

Mpyisi: A budding filmmaker keen to take Rwandan film to new heights


As a child most of her time was spent indoors watching movies and cartoons while other children played outside. Such is the memory of Kamikazi Mpyisi, a young budding filmmaker.

Kamichi shares his experience on the musical scene

Kamichi, real names, Adolphe Bagabo, is singer and songwriter and a former journalist at Voice of Africa. Prior to moving to the US, he took part in theater and comedy...

How to chop weight

Many people envy me because although I’m a known and unrepentant foodie, I still remain relatively lean-bodied.

Only if men own up

#MeToo. That’s the most recent social media campaign that was started to stand against sexual harassment and assault. It went viral. Countless women came forward to recount their experiences. Of...

Beware: Online fraudsters on the loose


IT started with a WhatsApp message he received on his phone. It was a job advert for bank clerks at Equity Bank Rwanda. The desperate fresh graduate immediately tried his...

K-Club closed for renovation


For some time now, one of Kigali’s premier night spots, the popular K-Club located at KL House in Nyarutarama has been out of business.



Miss Rwanda 2012 Aurore Mutesi Kayibanda may have moved on with her life, leaving the country and starting a new life in the US, but we are still her keen...


Talk about what you’re not Sure of then bring delusion And confusion into people’s Mind and trust, It might give Birth of a life that hunts and Hurts another life.

What's on this weekend?

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? There’s always something going on in Kigali. Check out our guide for things to do this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

KWEZI AND I...The story of silver fish

I have always said that Kwezi loves food so there is no story there. I have also always said that she is not picky but I guess I was wrong....

Rwanda Film Festival is back


Rwanda’s flagship film event, the Rwanda Film Festival is back. In its 13th edition this year, the festival will run from October 23rd-29th at various locations not only in Kigali,...

Music was not my long term plan- Riderman

When he’s not making mega hits, he’s probably grooming upcoming artistes under his record label Ibisumuzi Studio Records, or sharing a stage with them.

It’s just wrong

If you’ve never sexually harassed or taken advantage of women or men for that matter because sexual harassment goes both ways, you’re a good person and you should probably skip...

Welcome to the Loose Talk dictionary

Back way talk simply refers to that silly childhood habit you and I once had, of saying words in reverse mode. I know those of you that will be encountering...

The thing about adult love

When you’re young, love is all-consuming. You can’t eat. You can’t sleep. You can’t breathe. Everything is hazy. Nobody else exists. But then you’re naive.

Till poverty do us part; when people marry for riches


A story is told of a woman who said she would rather cry in a Benz than laugh on a bicycle of a poor man who is head over heels...


They have been through thick and thin, having come from nothing to a celebrated duo on Rwanda’s music scene, so what exactly is going on with Urban Boys? The recent...

What's on this weekend?

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? There’s always something going on in Kigali. Check out our guide for things to do this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Being Mary Jane canceled: BET drama will wrap up with 2-hour finale in 2018


Being Mary Jane, Gabrielle Union’s BET drama centered on the titular TV news anchor, has been canceled by the cable network, E! News has confirmed.


I see the birth of a nation Men, women and their offspring Striving and fighting for freedom in different parts of my continent

Reggae artiste Jah Bone D on pursuing a music career in Europe

Reggae artiste, Jah Bone D, real names Darius Rurangirwa, has been doing music professionally for more than 20 years now. He is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who released four...

Here’s why I don’t like guns

I was about to say that ours is the most violent generation especially when it comes to guns but then I read somewhere that guns have been used as far...

Dear Urban Boys

It’s been many years since the three of you decided to become one, in music. Look, how far you’ve come since 2008, when it all begun.