Journalism demands sacrifice, says veteran American journalist


Alison Bethel-McKenzie is an American-born award-winning veteran journalist with more than 30 years of experience managerial and consulting positions in the media throughout the United States and West Africa.

Bjarne on his humanitarian work in Rwanda


52-year-old Selin Bjarne, a Swedish national and partner at Intrasenze, a digital safety company, first heard about Rwanda in 2003 from a friend, Fabien Manirebanimpuhwe, a documentary filmmaker.

Pendo on breaking into the entertainment industry

She is known for a series of gigs as a TV and radio host, MC and DJ. Anita Pendo’s determination to break into the male dominated field is what has...

Give me some space

Like most women, I love shopping. I really do. Sometimes I find myself in a random supermarket or mall after a long day at work and I will gladly spend...

Fish anyone?

Fish is a better choice of meat than most, and for a number of reasons. Where on earth have you found meat you can sun-dry and eat, without having to...

Disgruntled Single Female: Life is just life

Dear people, a few days ago, I was whining about my life. I felt that I wasn’t where I deserved to be. “Life is so unfair.” Then my friend who...

What defines happiness?


In the 2006 movie, The Pursuit of Happiness, staring celebrated actor Will Smith and based on the real life endeavours of Chris Gardner, the actor defines ‘happiness’ as ‘probably something...

Magda Café: Easy breakfast, laid back aura


It is universally agreed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is a meal I never miss and always make myself. This morning, however, the Internet...

Artist Karekezi’s 90 days in Austria


Visual artist Willy Karekezi is just back from his longest professional stint abroad. And it was work, work and more work for the 24- year-old. He left for Austria at...

Chef Frausto Cornish on his culinary passion

Born in Mexico, Eduardo Frausto Cornish is currently serving as the executive chef at the Kigali Marriott Hotel. His passion and experience in cooking dates way back to when he...

Glad I’m a woman

I wish women were celebrated more than just the one day we get to mark every year - Women’s Day - but I’ll take it. I haven’t always been enthusiastic...

Shopping for food

People have got issues! Trust issues. These people do not trust their house helps or domestic servants or housekeepers or maids, whatever you’d like to call them.

Disgruntled Single Female: Women empowerment is a long way off

Dear people, I appreciate the sentiment behind Women’s Day. I do. Women in their numerous capacities are pillars of homes, communities, countries and continents. And for that, we ought to...

Negligence in paying debts is an act of injustice

Among the people’s rights that Islam guarantees and firmly laid its foundation and principles is paying debts. As Muslims, we are strongly warned against negligence in paying debts, unnecessarily delaying...

What we should learn about the trinity and salvation

The word Trinity in the Bible refers to God who is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; three persons in one shared and divine being.

Weddings: Why do some people get cold feet?


The giant cake is ready for collection. The DJ has received half payment. Expensive honeymoon reservations have been made. Perhaps even the grannies from the village have been carted to...

The Junction: Kigali’s latest addition


One of the newest entries on the restaurant scene, The Junction restaurant located above Ndoli supermarket in Kisementi has some ways to go.