Public must be educated on the dangers of Ponzi schemes

Editor, RE: “Central bank bans operations of ‘D9 Club’ regional pyramid scheme” (The New Times, June 13).

Rwandan media can’t have it both ways


Editor, RE: “Rwanda’s media is steadily growing and not ‘committing own goal’” (The New Times, June 9). I agree with the author that Rwanda has set a very conducive base...

Bring Rwanda Day to India

Editor, RE: “Why Rwanda Day is such a big deal to many” (The New Times, June 13). As an individual with a great love for Rwanda and her people, I...

Why Rwanda Day is such a big deal to many


Rwanda Day celebrations give us all a sense of pride and faith in ourselves as a broken nation. Having lived away from home for so long, I can attest to...

Rwandan women will continue to rise and inspire the world

At the outset, please allow me to congratulate Swanee Hunt, author and former US Ambassador on the launch of her book titled "Rwandan Women Rising". The book covers stories of...

Civil servants should indeed champion the fight against genocide ideology

Spot on! Public servants should be at the forefront in the fight against genocide ideology since they often times are regarded as opinion leaders in their respective communities. They are...

Rwanda's media is steadily growing


Mr. Mbanda, this is a far-reaching statement that I want to completely disagree with. In other words, what he is trying to say is that all the current policies are...

Africa should rise to the occasion

Very true! But then again Europe’s survival depends on a very unstable Africa.

War on graft: Nothing wrong in rewarding whistleblowers


I’m stunned that our honourable MPs call into question the move to reward whistle-blowers. The MPs claim rewarding whistle-blowers calls into question Rwanda’s integrity. Such sentiments are not always appropriate...

Should BK venture into telecoms?

Given Airtel’s reportedly ongoing divestiture and retreat from non-core Sub-Sahara Africa markets, wouldn’t it make good business sense for BK/BK TecHouse to throw them an offer to acquire its assets...

Satellite images and deep learning key to poverty fight


Editor, RE: “How satellite images and deep learning can fight global poverty” (The New Times, August 20, 2016). I totally disagree with this article. Satellite images cannot in any way...

George Soros laid the groundwork for Brexit

Editor, RE: “Standing up for Europe” (The New Times, June 4). Perhaps it should also be noted that, through his misnamed Open Society Foundations and many similar organisations of which...

Misperception about the United States


In a letter to the Editor published Monday, June 5 under the tile: “The situation in the United States can’t be reversed,” there were some misconceptions that I would like...

President Trump is true to himself

Re: No surprise in US withdrawal from Paris (The New Times June 5)

Human rights monitoring is not a preserve of Europeans

RE: “Busingye: Context matters in benchmarking human rights” (The New Times, June 1).

With the right approach, terrorism can be stopped


The writer is correct to call these mass murders in terror incidents ‘wicked acts.’ And they should be condemned with equal force by all right-thinking people the world over, no...

Obama is free to earn a living as an expert

Not sure what is all the fuss about Barack Obama making an honest living after leaving office. Isn’t that the American dream afterwards? It is all about supply and demand...

FARG should support children born of rape


FARG is mandated to be a channel through which the people of Rwanda provide needed support to Genocide survivors and the offspring of Genocide victims.

SGR project is a game changer

This project is a game changer and has the potential to revolutionise transport in East Africa. Kenya has shown the way and set the pace for Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, DR...

Human rights monitoring is not a preserve of Europeans

Maybe this Delegation of European Union to Rwanda should be reminded of their missionaries of yesteryear whose sole mission in Rwanda was to create hierarchical divisions and labeling that would...

The situation in the United States can’t be reversed

I agree with everything Professor Sachs has written except for his conclusion. I do not believe the situation in the United States can be reversed. Logically, one must ask how...

FARG should not discriminate against children born of rape


Editor, RE: “The agony of children born of rape in the Genocide” (The New Times, May 29). Even more incredible, the Fund for support to Genocide Survivors (FARG ) has...

New forensic laboratory should serve its purpose

Editor, RE: “Forensic Laboratory: What does this mean for Rwanda?” (The New Times, May 24). Let’s hope the lab will be put to good use, most especially in crime investigation.

Sustained education on traffic rules is needed

Editor, RE: “RNP launches campaign to promote road safety” (The New Times, May 24).