There is so much we can do to broaden our tax base


Re: Rwanda Revenue Authority has potential to surpass the Rwf1 trillion target (The New Times May 16).

Patriotism should be incentive enough to draw refugees back

Editor, Re: “Cash incentive boosts number of returnees” The New Times, 15 May.

Working class should learn from Shirimpumu

Re: How Shirimpumu used a salary loan to become a model farmer, employer (The New Times May 16).

We need more Wi-Fi hotspots


Editor Re: UAE firm to invest $50m in Kigali ‘smart city’ initiative – (The New Times May 15)

Technology alone won’t fix education challenges

Editor, RE: “Regional scholars discuss integration of digital education” (The New Times, April 26).

A challenge to Rwandan artistes

Re: Kenya’s Cece Sagini to headline Kigali Jazz Junction – (The New Times May 15)

Why women should be at the forefront of digital revolution


The Smart Africa Women Declaration is a vital outcome of the inaugural Smart Africa Women’s Summit. The Government of Rwanda is always alert to the global changes and challenges that...

City landfill should be far from human habitat

I am not very sure if I clearly understood what Kigali is planning to build. Is it a landfill or recycling plant? If it is the former, then I would...

Capacity building needed to implement green building policy


This needs more capacity building for the implementers like architects, engineers builders and even the people working with relevant government institutions like Rwanda Housing Authority, the Ministry of Infrastructure and...

FDLR militia needs to liberate itself from hate

It is not surprising that the FDLR would not want their “non-combatant” dependents to have access to UNHCR relief resources. As genocide researcher Tom Ndahiro is quoted in this article,...

Contractors should do their job professionally

This lack of professionalism can be too costly for the city and its citizens. Just imagine the financial damage caused by a lack of internet in the city.

Super powers to blame for endless wars

Use of depleted uranium munitions, white phosphorous bombs, bombing innocent children and hospitals is admissible if done by powerful countries.

Why the school farm should be mainstreamed in education system


Editor, From my experience many decades ago, and still vivid in my mind and helping me cope in my daily life of an old chap, there is no better syllabus...


Dear Editor, I would like to draw your attention to the article written by Collins Mwai entitled "Africa ponders challenges as WTO steps in way of AU self-financing model," which...

Private sector holds the key to solving housing dilemma


Editor, “Charles Haba advised government to buy housing units from developers instead of wasting money on projects that have not even materialized.” Why should the government buy those over-valued houses...

There’s so much Africa can do to finance AU operations

Editor We already know of the agricultural/farming subsidy mechanism that is widely used in the EU to promote local agricultural production to the detriment of African agricultural exports.

Kigali landlords need to be more innovative


Editor, RE: “Rwanda’s economy is in the right trajectory, but do landlords see it?” (The New Times, April 26).

Why the AU financing mechanism must work

Donald Trump’s America and its World Trade Organisation (WTO) should and will not stop Africa’s efforts towards self-reliance. And, Mauritius should pay the equivalent of the levy, is that an...

Should Africa be importing food?

Editor, I categorically disagree, first, with the assumption that Western technology is the “modern” and sole cure for all humanity ills, hunger included.

We need more training grounds

Editor, RE: “Plan to construct new football stadiums on course – officials” (The New Times, May 1).

Our democratic path, our choice


Editor, RE: “Rwanda’s model of democracy” (The New Times, May 8)

Most illegal immigrants are good people

Editor, RE: “Trump alone not to blame for anti-migrant hysteria” (The New Times, April 4).

Varsities expansion should not compromise quality

A very good analysis. Everything you mentioned is absolutely correct. For me, I will go a step further and apportion the blame for the issues you have discussed.

It is a divided world

They do know that the world did not forget Iraq or Libya. They also know that no one will do anything about it