Kudos to successful A’ level candidates

Editor, I wish to take this opportunity, through your newspaper, to congratulate all the S.6 candidates, and more specifically, my students at Lycee de Kigali and Riviera High School, whose...

All behind Rwanda for UN seat

Editor, We are all behind Rwanda for a UN Security Council Non-Permanent seat from 2012-13. Rwanda has fast risen into the pride of Africa.

All behind Rwanda for UN seat

Editor, We are all behind Rwanda for a UN Security Council Non-Permanent seat from 2012-13. Rwanda has fast risen into the pride of Africa.

Access to banking services is the way forward

Editor, I have heard that Kenya’s Equity Bank, which is the latest regional banking institution to join Rwanda’s banking industry has boosted efforts to increase the number of population with...

Rwandans ready to transform their lives

Editor, I  wish to comment on a story that appeared in The Sunday Times, February, 26, titled “PM pushes for more dev’t in Rulindo District”

Performance contracts could help schools too

Editor,Why isn’t there a Kigali-based school among the best ten in the recently released A’ level?

Can’t wait for Super Eagles-Amavubi Stars clash

Editor, Nigerian fans must be rest assured of their players’ security before, during and after Wednesday’s match at Kigali Regional Stadium.

Food for thought

Editor, I read with interest Sam Kebongo’s commentary in The New Times of yesterday. He made such an excellent observation and inference. If we can all emulate these ‘small’ people’s...

Customer service training should remain a priority

Editor, Allow me, through your newspaper, to commend business owners for continuously training their staff and, in truth, there is a general improvement in customer service in Rwanda.

Reactions to the story about shoddy contracts

Editor, The meeting held, this week, to review government contracts awarded without following legal procedures was useful.It should serve as a last warning to all officials who do not honor...

The ideal gate to East Africa

Editor, It is good that Rwanda could actively share her gains in combating corruption and raising the environmental, health, business and security conditions with the other East African counterparts.

UNSC seat for Rwanda worthwhile


Editor, I am sure all Rwandans and friends of Rwanda will be proud to read the interesting article in yesterday’s issue of The New Times, titled ‘AU backs Kigali for...

Fighting corruption starts from the top

Editor, Many people talk of corruption but we forget that this is a secondary function of bad governance amongst the African leaders. Take Rwanda, for example, they are doing well...

What you need to do to improve customer service

Editor, In order to improve customer care, there is need to improve on staff welfare. An employee with a miserable, gloomy face can hardly provide a good service to customers,...

Sunny’s piece was spot on

Editor, Allow me to thank Sunny Ntayombya for his great piece titled “I doubt

We need a list of accredited varsities too

Editor, Early this month, the Executive Director of the Higher EducationCouncil, Prof. Geoffrey Rugege, called on Rwandan students to enroll in recognised institutions.

Borrow a leaf from Immigration

Editor, I reckon there has been a remarkable improvement by several public and private institutions in customer care and service delivery. However, a lot more needs to be done in...

Corruption slows down economic development

Editor, Allow me to comment on the story that appeared in your newspaper yesterday, in which regional experts urged African countries to emulate Rwanda’s anti-corruption policies.

Diaspora should help promote their country

Editor, I am happy to learn that Rwandans living in Zimbabwe formed a Diaspora association, with the objectives of mobilising themselves to contribute to their country’s development process.

Citizens’ charter and change of attitudes

Editor, Allow me to respond to Joseph Rwagatare’s article in The New Times, February, 21, titled “of a Citizens’ charter, corruption and change of attitudes”.

New customer service campaign will yield dividends

Editor, This is with reference to the lead story in yesterday’s issue of The New Times titled “ Why the customer is not king .”

Invest in quality education

Editor, Allow me to comment on the issue of quality education. Indeed, we cannot attain development if we do not undertake research. Conversely, we cannot carry out standard research...

Ultra-modern e-gates: Keep the flame burning

Editor, Big achievement once again, the people of Rwanda! A vivid example ofICT assisted service delivery, while the laggers are still blowing dust over heaps of paper, extending the red...

IRST’s restructuring long overdue

Editor, I have learnt that the Chamber of Deputies will this week scrutinise a bill for the creation of a new research body to replace the Institute of Scientific and...