We don’t need lectures from the West

First things first. The British marine veteran needs to be deported immediately. We all know how the West treats Africans who reside there “illegally”. His white/Western privilege shouldn’t deter immigration...

Our collective efforts will end poverty


Celebrations are indeed in order, even necessary. But still, now that the elections are done and their outcome crystal-clear, let’s resume work with renewed vigor, remembering, as President Paul Kagame...

Mini-chess is good for kids

Minichess has amazing results on academic performance. Indeed, girls who play chess at a young age are most likely to study science and technology courses.

Are Africans ready to emancipate themselves from mental shackles?


Even more hilarious, it seems the self-acclaimed ‘masters of the universe’ geniuses never seem to get it, inspite of coming a cropper for their nth time: The moment they attack...

Those behind 'climate of fear' claims put Muhanuka to shame

Their claim of Rwandans living in a ‘climate of fear’ is not only a barefaced concotion of their fevered minds. It is also stupid as enough people work, visit or...

Kenya elections: Local observers did a good job


Right-o! Unfortunately they have us so divided and conditioned that their 'seal of approval' of our democratic processes has become all but mandatory if we are to escape the danger...

Cycling team did well in Colorado

Rwandan journalists should actually contact us for comments regarding the races. Team Rwanda is doing phenomenal at the race. They have earned the respect of all the teams, the organization...

Conservation of memorials key to prevention of genocide


Keeping the memory alive is crucial for prevention of genocide. Kudos to the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) for compiling the document on long-term preservation of Genocide...

Another seven years of progress!

In the next seven years, I see the country thriving economically. I dream of landing at Bugesera International Airport before 2020.

Africa polls: Why glorify Western validation?

For heaven’s sake! Are we going to ever let go of these self-imposed shackles, for no one is holding a gun on us anymore, and cease this constant quest for...

Protect the environment at all cost. We owe it to our posterity

Wetlands are vital resources and their benefits are unlimited, especially for us who mostly depend on agriculture. It’s so sad to see that, despite all the government’s efforts of protect...

Polls: Why share report with people who don't believe in our democracy?


RE: “Electoral observers present report to Chief Justice” (The New Times, August 9).

Congratulations to all Rwandans on peaceful presidential elections

RE: “When Rwandans rebuked detractors” (The New Times, August 8).

Minichess good for kids' brains

RE: “Ngabirano on her passion for science, technology and innovation” (The New Times, August 7).

Stop treating Rwanda unfairly and support its march forward


Thank you Mr Pan Butamire for this article. Even those who haven’t read about President-elect Paul Kagame’s story (what he has gone to make Rwandans who we are today), it’s...

Rwandans want to be the masters of their own destiny

Another of those excellent opinion pieces we have come to expect from Joseph Rwagatare. If I have any quibble it is with his final remark that scholars and experts on...

UK and Genocide fugitives: How the mighty have fallen


RE: “What next after British court blocks Genocide extraditions?” (The New Times, August 7).

Rwandans have rejected to be dictated to

RE: “When Rwandans rebuked detractors” (The New Times, August 8).

May peace prevail in Kenya after polls

RE: “President-elect Kagame deserved it” (The New Times, August 7) & “May all Kenyans emerge winners in today’s election” (The New Times, Editorial, August 8).

Why Rwandans care about dynamics across the region


RE: “Rwandans should celebrate their shared aspirations” (The New Times, August 7). Mwene Kalinda, you have put out an outstanding riposte around Rwanda’s indefatigable zeal for self-determination to Western naysayers....

Extradite Teganya to Rwanda to face justice

RE: “Rwandan who sought asylum after Genocide faces U.S. fraud charge” (The New Times, August 7). The US should extradite Jean-Léonard Teganya to Rwanda. Many perpetrators of the Genocide against...

Rwandans should celebrate their shared aspirations


Can’t we take a moment, a breather from these rants at imaginary foes, and simply enjoy the victory?

Together, we can tackle poverty

Celebrations are indeed in order, even necessary. But still, now that the elections are done and their outcome crystal-clear, let’s resume work with renewed vigor, remembering, as President Paul Kagame...

There are plenty of lessons from Rwanda elections


Elections in Rwanda should be an opening eye to our brothers and sisters from around the continent with regard to electioneering process. They shouldn’t be in the country to observe...