We need skills-based education

The current education system is very theoretical. Rwanda needs a skills-based education system that equips students with practical skills which they can apply after leaving school.Curriculum developers need to tackle...

Try to understand Catholicism better

A lot of spite has lately been directed towards Catholics whose practices are largely misunderstood by many pastors that just derive a literal understanding of the Bible.

Pupils’ hygiene is not appropriate

Sir, it’s a shame to see school pupils walk along the streets from and to school looking dirty.

Restore scholarships for all that merit it

Essentially, education is key to many developmental ventures, more especially when someone has attained university education that is relevant to the country’s needs.

Remove sanctions on Zimbabwe

The economic sanctions imposed upon Zimbabwe by the West have affected the ordinary Zimbabwean more than President Robert Mugabe and his cronies.

Miss Kigali, thank you KCC

I would like to thank the management of Kigali City Council and others for organising the first ever Miss Kigali pageant.

Wrong headline

Like many others, I was excited when I heard that Marcel Desaily, Basile Boli and Christian Karembeu were coming to Kigali.

Business at Katuna must change

Sir, business at the Katuna boarder post must change if Rwanda must compete in the East African Community market.

Want article on Gary Dimmock

On August 2, while riding a mini-bus from Kigali to Gisenyi, I opened The New Times to the article about Gary Dimmock of the Ottawa Citizen, and have more recently...

We shall miss Jimmy Gatete

It was a shock to me to hear that Gatete was chased away from APR F.C

Can’t the shops open till mid night?

Sir, Kigali shop keepers must understand that as they work for their homes, they too work for the country.

Why would Minicom recruit failed candidates?

I am a regular reader of your newspaper, and I want to react to a story published in your Sunday edition about the ministry of Commerce, Industry Investment promotion, Tourism...

Waiting for Biomass power station

It was reported that soon, the station will be started at the country’s giant brewery Bralirwa Plant in Rubavu District, Western Province.

Food first

Fellow Rwandans, as we celebrate this year’s World Food Day, it is very sad and unfortunate that a big percentage of our people go to bed hungry.

Teach the population about the importance of intensive farming

Apparently, the population is not happy by the decision of the ministry of Agriculture for particular regions to grow specific crops.

Indiscipline cropping up among students

I am disheartened by school heads who do not inculcate into there students good discipline.

Waiting for Biomass power station

Dear editor, I am among the many people that are anxiously waiting for the construction of a Biomass power station as it was reported by The New Times recently.

Who is in charge of Rwandatel?

In the story I read in The New Times, you reported that about Frw172 billion was going to be invested in Rwandatel which was taken over by TERACOM, a non...

Let’s kick poverty out of Rwanda - Minister Nyirahabineza

EASTERN PROVINCE Launching a ‘Green Revolution’ in Nyamirama sector, the Minister of Gender and Family called upon women to “work hard” and to “get out” of poverty, a problem she said...

Save Nyamirambo residents

First and fore most, I would like to extend my gratitude to Kigali City authorities for the great work done in road construction project.

Tracing for a lost person

I am pleased to write this letter asking a question. There is an old woman who thought that she had lost a son during the 1994 Genocide.

Let the polythene bags be done away with altogether

The ban on Polythene bags has long been realised in this country. However, there are small ubushashi that are still in circulation.

Complaint about Chez Lando Hotel

I am the Tour Manager of Acacia Safaris in Uganda. I am writing to complain about the unprofessional behaviour of the management of Hotel Chez Lando in Kigali.

What is wrong with Regional Bus company?

Dear editor, I have a problem with the services of Regional Bus Company which I think is caused by their monopoly of the Kenyan route.