Preventing genocide: Enough rhetoric from AU, it’s time to walk the talk


Editor, RE: “AU commits to combat genocide ideology in Africa” (The New Times, April 18). If the UAPSC was not a respectable institution I would have asked, “are they serious?”

Jean Sayinzoga: Rwanda has lost a dedicated servant

Editor, RE: “A tribute to Jean Sayinzoga” (The New Times, April 18).

Andrew Wallis right on world’s failings in Rwanda

Editor, RE: “Why the Genocide against the Tutsi should stir global conscience” (The New Times, April 12).

Andrew Wallis right on world’s failings in Rwanda

Editor, RE: “Why the Genocide against the Tutsi should stir global conscience” (The New Times, April 12).

Vatican should take a bolder step toward justice

Editor, RE: “Clerics who committed genocide should be excommunicated” (The New Times, April 13)

‘Rwanda is a secular State for some reason’


It was high time this principle of keeping religion out of public workplaces was enforced. Some might claim that there really is no harm in letting believers congregate to pray...

Rwanda’s enviable position is a result of hard work


What could have been more satisfying, on a Saturday morning, after just concluding the official week long commemoration of one of the worst genocides in the history of mankind, than...

The Church should reprimand clergy implicated in Genocide

If such priests as Wenceslas Munyeshyaka in Gissors, Normandy, France are allowed to continue to act as priests as if there are no serious credible suspicions of genocidal crimes hanging...

Projected insurance penetration is unrealistic

The 8% increase in just three years is totally impossible. Insurance uptake depends on the level of a country's education and economic development. In Rwanda, more than 90% of the...

Kwibuka23: Was UK part of the conspiracy?


The Genocide (against the Tutsi) was also condemned by the philosopher and historian Bertrand Russell who called it “the most horrible and systematic human massacre we have had occasion to...

1994-2017: The world has a lot to learn from Rwanda


Editor, Your newspaper of April 7 was full of many interesting articles on the 23rd Anniversary of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. And this year’s commemoration theme, “Remember the...

Is Northern Corridor initiative still on track?

Editor, RE: “Northern Corridor is initiative is well and alive, says Mushikiwabo” (The New Times, April 5). How, yet the leaders themselves have been sending conflicting signals? This is so...

Clerics who committed genocide should be excommunicated

Editor, RE: “CNLG, survivors welcome Rwanda Vatican talks” (The New Times, March 21).

Local start-ups need incubation

Editor, RE: “Winning tips for small business operators” (The New Times, March 28). More needs to be done if startups are to survive the first and subsequent years. They need...

Should kids under 16 be allowed to visit Genocide memorial sites?


Editor, RE: “Kwibuka23: Children commit to fight genocide ideology” (The New Times, April 10).

Most illegal immigrants are good people

Editor, RE: “Trump alone not to blame for anti-migrant hysteria” (The New Times, April 4). President Trump is not anti-immigrant at all.

Kwibuka23: What the world needs to learn from Rwanda


Please allow me to share with your esteemed readers that we have a group of twenty-two Indian pilgrims, mostly retired senior citizens, who have travelled all the way from Mumbai...

Clerics convicted for Genocide should be excommunicated

What the Church should do is excommunicate and distance itself from such clerics, then it would be up to judicial systems to know what to do.

Local start-ups need incubation

More needs to be done if startups are to survive. They need incubation before they venture in the open market where they can compete with established businesses.

Northern Corridor leaders need to speak one language

But the leaders themselves have been sending conflicting signals. This is so especially on SGR with reports indicating that Uganda and Rwanda are exploring the Central Corridor instead of Northern...

The past matters in shaping present-day perspective


Gitura Mwaura states, quoting a British historian whom he also asserts to be respected, that it is “not the job of the present to tick the past off”. I couldn’t...

Africa mathematics institute will impact economy positively

Africa must start producing its own technology and stop being a consumer but rather a producer of the technologies it needs. If this doesn’t change, Africa will remain dependent on...

Local contractors need to step up

This is good in the sense of reducing paperwork and saving time. But again, there is need to sensitise local contractors on timely submission of bids. They tend to submit...

Cashless economy: Govt should work more closely with banks

Here are my thoughts: there are only two things that can be done to accelerate the use of electronic payments and remittance in Rwanda.