Let parliament decide on the vehicle insurance prices


The Rwanda statistical year book 2016 puts the number of vehicles of all categories at 161,925. Rwanda National Police statistics put the number of accidents in 2016 at 200 (The...

Businesses must embrace e-commerce to stay afloat

Such is the way of life... Businesses face challenges all the time and some survive, some close down. I am glad Jumia has chosen to be agile and respond to...

France will account for its role in ’94 Genocide sooner or later


Editor, RE: “States press France on Rwandan genocidaires” (The New Times, January 16).

Tribute: Casmir Kayumba inspired many to join the media

Editor, RE: “Media fraternity mourns veteran journalist Kayumba” (The New Times, January 16). It is sad to learn of the demise of Casmir Kayumba. I first met him at the...

Social enterprises need to be transparent and accountable

Editor, RE: “Does Rwanda need a law on social enterprises?” (The New Times, January 15). The legal framework in place provides for tax exemption and the competent authority to grant...

Legalising GMOs will put food security at risk


Editor, RE: “Rwanda takes early steps towards legalising GMOs” (The New Times, January 12).

We must fight for our dignity as Africans

Editor, RE: “Blacks must work to take their seat at the table” (The New Times, January 16).

Don’t pressure young girls to get married so hurriedly

I couldn't have said it any better. Thanks to the author; this article speaks for many of us (ladies). I only wish all parents/guardians/family/friends would read and really get to...

Culture doesn’t disappear easily

Culture indeed does change but by a very slow accretive process rather than all at once in leaps and bounds.

'Prisoners of pain'

If Plummer really had brought tramadol for her boyfriend who had terrible pain, then I pray for immediate release

Congratulations to the newly promoted officers


President Paul Kagame, the Commander-in-Chief, last week promoted several police and army officers.

Treat all children equally

Yes, all religious teaching needs to be modernized to reflect contemporary thinking (after all, we no longer own slaves on whose treatment the Bible’s Old Testament or the Qur’an says...

Morocco is not occupying Sahara

Reference is made to the article published in The New Times on Saturday entitled: Kagame, UN envoy Kohler discuss Western Sahara conflict.

Establish a fully-fledged institution to champion war on drug abuse


We need to be very careful how we go about dealing with this issue. Our knee-jerk reaction lately tends to be throwing prison sentences at every problem. Thankfully, the Justice...

Corruption cuts across the board

It is strange that bribery is decreasing due to strict punitive measures in institutions such as Rwanda National Police, yet bribery remains a problem in traffic police.

Revisit decision to hike car insurance premiums


At the end of the day, it’s the average citizen who will pay the price for allowing the insurance companies to work in a mafia-like manner.

Parents have a key role to play in fighting drug abuse among youth

Consumers of narcotics are part of the big Rwandan family, they are among us, they are our relatives and it is so worrying that a big percentage of them are...

Treat all children equally

Yes, all religious teaching needs to be modernized to reflect contemporary thinking (after all, we no longer own slaves on whose treatment the Bible’s Old Testament or the Qur’an says...

Technology in the era of Fake News


Editor, RE: “Social media making street protests a thing of the past” (The New Times, January 9).

Denmark has set good example

Editor, RE: “Genocide fugitive Twagirayezu to appear before Danish court for extradition trial” (The New Times, January 8).

Have we been enslaved by religion?

Editor, RE: “Who will inherit the clarity of purpose?” (The New Times, January 8).

We need to embrace PayPal


It’s 2018 and I still can’t purchase internet online. I have to queue up to renew my P.O. Box in cash, and I’ve tried three online banking systems, all of...

Rwandan youth need to beat distractions

And as a complement, in my opinion, ‘preservation of the dignity of a people’ is implemented far beyond ‘through a mere idea’.

PPP law could have prevented the stalemate at Burera Garment Factory


This story makes a sad read, owing to the lost potential of such an important investment. 1000 jobs and almost half a million clothes per month in Burera had the...